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I finally retire from PE


I finally retire from PE


Maybe you know my story of PE? Over 3 years I just gained 2 cm of BPFSL and never anything in BPEL. I tried everything on this homepage, had a lot of PM’s with the Pros Modesto Man and SS4. I even tried Mem’s “will never fail” workout (no, I did nothing wrong, but it didn’t work for me).

Now I started to collect bird-eating spiders, and I’m totally pleased with this new hobby, that totally let me forget about PE. Further I will never come back to PE again. I used to do, but the will is gone, and I won’t do anything again, that makes something grow that hides under the Pants, never to be seen by anyone.

I don’t have to wish you luck with PE, because it seems that everybody but me grows. Even Modesto started to grow (well deserved gains) but I don’t care about my length anymore.

So long

Yours Lost

Weren’t you the guy hanging 35 pounds, hours a day, with no gains?

If so, I understand.

Yes, my peak was about 37 pounds SO, and 19 pounds Fulcrum

Originally Posted by lost Guitar

Yes, my peak was about 37 pounds SO, and 19 pounds Fulcrum

What about stretching? Results? Zero?

Gaining potential from PE varies. A minority aren’t destined to get much out of it no matter what they do.

Was the PE experience useful to you, perhaps in ways other than size increase? Has your attitude about penis size been affected by your exposure to the PE scene? If so, how?

What happened to the Hard Gained 4mm BPEL?

Why do you say it’s gonna hide inside the pants? It sounds to me like you’re gonna spend your passtime with creeps rather than femmes; that doesn’t sound so cheerful. Are the spiders alive at least?
I’m not giving up too much pussy for PE. Don’t say you’ll be giving up any for spiders. Lots of women suffer from spiderphobia (or whatever it’s called). Open an online dating account and offer them a candle lit shocktherapy night. I’ve met plenty online; they’ve all been shocked :D

Take care, lost!


What I gathered is that he has found another interesting hobby to spend his focus and effort on, and he is pleased with the change. Good for him.

PE should be only a hobby, not an obsession. There’s nothing wrong with learning and implementing techniques to maximize your dick size. I’m hooked. There is much more to life than PE. In fact, if you have the luxury of worrying about the size of your penis, count yourself lucky. Many in this world are more concerned where they will get their next meal.

Of course it’s good for him. Most likely he doesn’t need to be told; hell, I don’t even doubt he can take a joke.

Hanging may not have worked for you. I’m sure you know there are many other/advanced exercises for increasing your dick size. Have you tried any of them? In particular clamping? pumping?

Well the 4 mm seemed to be just for a current time, but they disappeared. What was left, was the 2cm of BPFSL.

Next about stretching: As I said before, I tried everything on this homepage (stretching, pumping, jelqing). And Mem’s workout is Manual only. But even after long time of usage it didn’t work.
I know that PE doesn’t have to be an obsession, but you need to spend some time with that. Time, I’m not willed to waste anymore.

Well, I know that most women suffer from Arachnophobia, but the love to the spiders is much bigger now than anything else. And yes, they are alive. Maybe I’ll become a breeder too. Oh, man. I’m so excited about what spider to buy next.

Going back to my first reply, do you regret having tried PE? Did you learn anything from the experience? Has your attitude about penis size changed from being exposed to so many men concerned about it?

Hey Lost I can understand your disgusted and frustration with all that hard work that you put in, and have next to nothing to show. If you decide to give it another shot, PM me, maybe I can help you out. But anyway, good luck with the little guys, if you decide PE not for you.

Good luck with the spiders bro and thanks for letting us know. I think most hard gainers just disappear without saying a word and your left with a forum of gainers and that makes people believe PE is always easy.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Well I’m glad you have found another hobby mate, and quite an exotic hobby I may add. Good luck with that!

Good luck, Lost. Spiders are indeed cool pets, although they might make it harder for you to ensnare of female of your own species.

I really admire your perseverence and dedication. If you can manage to apply those to other aspects of life for which luck is not the primary determinant of success, you will go very far. I look forward to hearing about your many successes.

I also hope you’ll stop back from time to time to see whether we’ve discovered any great breakthroughs. Of course, by then you may be very happily enjoying life with the penis G-d gave you. And there is no reason you shouldn’t.

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