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"I don't wanna know"

"I don't wanna know"

I recently started hanging again, and remembered an experience from a couple years back. I was too embarrassed to share it at the time, but my PE shame is long gone, so…

I had moved back in with my parents briefly for financial reasons. Not proud of it, but hey, apparently it happened to a lot of us after the “financial crisis” back then.

I was just beginning to hang, perhaps a few weeks into it, and trying to be very stealthy with my timing… making sure everyone else was asleep or out, or busy while I was doing my PE.

Well one night, without any warning, my mom opened the door to “my” bedroom, and walked right in at full stride to stop abruptly at the sight of me with a pillow under my ass at the edge of the bed and my feet propped up on a dresser, with a brown leather bag of weights hanging off my dick. We both momentarily froze while a bunch of ludicrous potential explanations for what I was doing raced through my mind. Then she said “I don’t wanna know.” And I said, “OK” and she turned around and left. And we have never spoke of it since.

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I remember coming back from school holidays once, and one of my friends discussing his summer holiday masturbation experience.

Apparently he was having a typical teenager lie in with “additional sensory experience,” and when he came round, there was a hot cup of tea waiting for him on the bedside table..

Nice story BD! I can only imagine this frozen situation. In my opinion your mom had a real intelligent reaction, but I think that in reality she would like to know.

Originally Posted by Ypsilon
Nice story BD! I can only imagine this frozen situation. In my opinion your mom had a real intelligent reaction, but I think that in reality she would like to know.

She probably Googled it and found this place. :)

About 30 years ago a friend and I were watching a porno vid in my bedroom and jacking off, sat on the edge of the bed. The remote fell off my knee and under the edge of the bed, beneath my friend’s legs. I was just retrieving it, and my head was right by my friend’s dick….. when my dad walked in.

We all froze. My friend let go of his dick, which then flopped against my face….. my dad turned around and walked out, and has never mentioned it.

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It must have been awkward.

In the past, got caught watching porn and in another occasion masturbating, but never PEing.

To be honest, If somehow got caught PEing, I have a way out of it: when I used to be a cyclist, went to urologist quite alot.

- Sorry mom, doctor orientations.

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That’ll teach ‘em to knock. :)

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

Hahahaha awesome story! Oh god, and I am just after reading a thread warning a guy to not hang if he has no privacy for fear of damage/injury etc.

That is always the fear with PE, someone walking in on you!

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