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Hybrid Vacuum/Clamping Hanger


> Vacuum hangers that fit the glans tightly pull practically zero skin.

True. Imagine a cylinder and piston. The penis head is the piston. All the pull is on the head. How big is the tube? If 1 square inch and you’re hanging 10 lbs. that’s 10 PSI. I’m too lazy to look up the conversion, but I’m guessing that would be somewhere around 5” Hg.

If you apply too much vacuum to the head for too long, in any pumping context, you’ll get blisters. I’ve never overdone pumping enough to have experienced head blisters, but from what I’ve read they aren’t the least bit pleasant. Read or ask about them in the Pumping Forum.

The head and skin alone aren’t good tugging points. That’s why clamp style hangers were not only developed but became popular. Otherwise, why move beyond Tom Hubbard’s skin-tugging, low vacuum-building, el cheapo swim cap hanging method devised 8 or 10 years ago?

>I’m intrigued by your statement that skin stretch on clamp-style hangers can be reduced practically to zero. I’ve always had to stretch a fair amount of skin. How do you do it?

When you have enough skin slack, either naturally or after some stretching, hold the skin rearward as you wrap and attach. That’s the key. If I hang at angles somewhat short of BTC, skin isn’t taking much, if any, of the load. If I were to spend more time at BTC deliberately stretching skin, eventually I’d be able to even hang there with the skin completely loose. I’m not into foreskin restoration, so I don’t want that much extra.

Some of this depends on position. BTC tugs the most on skin. Upward hanging angles are the most forgiving because skin is “borrowed” from the scrotum.

How much weight is supported by skin is more of an issue than the infrequent mention of it here may indicate. Hangers often aren’t aware enough of what exactly is supporting the load. Skin can hold a lot of weight and fool you into thinking you’re applying more stress to the shaft than you actually are.

Newbies who report hanging heavy weight in reasonable comfort are almost certainly dangling a large portion of it from skin. When hanging, with your fingers pluck up some shaft skin behind the hanger. Is it stretched tight? If so, it’s taking at least part of the load.

mbuc may want to correct me, but my understanding of what happens when you put the hanger on and pull and you see the seal being “sucked back” (see MMs crossection) is simply that

1. You place your glans in the hanger, you glans has volume X.
2. If you don’t fill the hanger completely (sloppy insertion or oversized hanger) you have a little air inbetween the glans and the hanger, volume Y.
3. Your shaft - the section from glans up to edge of cup - has volume Z. This is where the seal meets the shaft.
4. Volume of hanger is X+Y+Z.
5. You add weight to the hanger. This elongates the shaft, and it gets thinner. The volume Z decreases. When the volume Z decreases, the seal that is located around the shaft has nowhere to go except get sucked into the hanger, since that is still of the same volume, but the contents aren’t.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan

Vacuum hanging may help to avoid discoloration and lymphatic problems. Really, though, the jury’s still out. I never had problems with any hanger until I crossed the 15# threshold. I don’t know of anyone who is currently hanging that much weight with a vacuum hanger (although I haven’t really looked).

Back in 2002 I was vac hanging. I was using a “vac u grip” device from the grip system company in Florida. I only was hanging in SD position back then and my sets lasted for 40 to 45 mins. about 1 morning and 1 night so 2 in total/ day.

I reached about 7.5kg and that is close to your 15Pounds mark. Problem was the sleaves that I wore at this weight never seemed to last more than a few weeks. Damn thing used to break and the whole assembly would get riped off my shaft and crush to the ground. Almost landed on my toes a few times. Hence I moved away from this hanger and into the BIB.

One thing I will say is that looking back on the vac style hanger I had great suuccess at setup and application upto I got too the 7.5kg mark. Thats when it was game over for me with this method.



I’ve been following this thread and I find the combination intrigueing I came across this description and documented use @


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