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how to not grow skin.

how to not grow skin.

I am cut and wish to remain that way. I use to have very tight skin, maybe almost to tight. It has got loser from PE but now that I started hanging with my big I am growing a lot of skin it seems and its all in the foreskin area. What is the best way to wrap and things to stop this. I try to pull it all back tight when I wrap but that seems to make it grow faster. When I keep it normal tightness and then wrap it seems to affect it the least. Any ideas?

You have to minimize the tension on your skin. I found that using SO and higher angles produce the least amount of tension. Also the higher up your shaft you attach your hanger the less it will slide down and stretch your skin. How high you can attach your hanger depends a lot on the sensitivity of the skin there.

What helps me is a thin rubber sleeve so it doesn’t hurt when I attach the hanger really tight.

Thanks, I will have to try that out. I decided to take a break from length and start some girth work for now. I have been trying for length forever and want to give it a break but I will try that when I come back to it in a few months. Would one of MB’s vac sleeves work for what you were saying?

I don’t have any experience with them but I think they will probably work. I use a rubber sleeve cut from an bicycle innertire. Because the butyl isn’t very elastic I use a trick to put them on. I fold the sleeve, pull my foreskin over my glans, put the folded sleeve over the foreskin, push down on the sleeve so it goes over my glans and unfold the sleeve. First time is tricky but once you get it, it will only take mere seconds to wrap :)

I think MB’s sleeves are more elastic than what I use so you may just be able to put it on at once.

Btw when you’re able to hang without or with less skinstretch you will need to go down on the weight.

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