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How to hang?

How to hang?

How should I hang? Can I sit infront of the computer as usual and just hang or should I do something with the legs??

What is the best?

That depends on the position you are trying to hang and what extra equipment you have. A pully system can allow you to get many different angles whilst sitting. You can hang OTS whilst sitting normaly. BTC might be a little harder, even with a pulley, simply because you’d have to avoid sitting on the bib, so you either need to redesign your seat or alter the angle of your body and legs.

Its worth reading the entire Hanging thread and in particular the Different angles and degrees of angles thread. If you really want to gain a good amount of knowledge you should read the whole of the hangers forum :) its a very good read.

UMM is the best ;) To be serious, you’ll find what works but BTC works for a lot of guys and now the DLD Blaster in conjunction with hanging is gaining some good reviews.


I sit on a stool with a backrest. The seat is 2 1/2 feet off the ground allowing plenty of room between the weight and the floor. I put my feet up on the backrest of an identical stool.

In a nutshell it’s btc with the legs elevated about 45 degrees. It is tremendously stressful at first but feels right after two weeks or so.

Good luck.

BTW will be best for hanging? I am about to do DLD into the hanging also,,,so I hope I will hit the ligs more.

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