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How to hang more

How to hang more

After medling around width the bibhanger for a couple of days i have found a way to hang more.

After wrapping and attaching the hanger i put on 2kgs (4.4 lbs), this streches the penis and allows for further tightening of the hanger, actually the wingnut feels untightened after putting the weight on, so just wing it once or twice till its tight again.

Now im comftable at 4.4 lbs, next step is to add another kg which makes it 6.6 lbs total, again same procedure, wingnut feels untightened, wing once or twice, hanging 6.6 lbs comfortably.

Same step again and im hanging 8.8 lbs more comfortably than ever.

Since i havent read about this method anywhere i thought id just share it.

Bib you might wanna include the method on the hanger page

What do you think ?


Hey, that’s great. I have written about the need to retighten after the weight is applied. This is because the shaft gets a little smaller as it is stretched. Good idea there.


hope i didnt offend you

It doesnt hurt to be emphazied some more, but im sorry i missed that part on your page.

I actually do this after my “warm-up” hanging. What I do is start by hanging 10 pounds for 5-10 minutes and then I retighten and add 10 more pounds for the remainder of my session. With each new set, I lessen the amount of the “warm-up” hang (i.e. maybe only a minute at 10 pounds on my 3rd set).



I want to make sure I am wrapping correctly. I pull all the skin forward all the way then wrap down from the trip. I am new to hanging so I hang with 10 lbs for about 15 minutes. The problem is it the skin really pulls and it hurts. In addition, I get discoloration very quickly. What am I doing wrong?

Looking forward to your response.

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