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How to Alternate Positions?


Originally Posted by xenolith
Have you arrived at a decision on this yet?

1 - 2 weeks per side. The idea is to make significant progress before switching sides. 1 - 2 weeks of applying weight to a small section of tissue has an effect that I can really feel. I don’t want to totally ignore the “off side” on alternate weeks. I’ll add a couple of sets to the off side and do piss pulls (excuse me, “shit stretches”) to keep things limbered up.

This isn’t terribly scientific, but rather based on what feels right. I’m not sure whether I’ll want to stretch SO-SU once I’m done with the sides. It seems that lengthening the sides leaves the center bundles stranded all by themselves, waiting to be pulled to the level of the sides.

So, my answer for now is, 1-2 weeks left 1-2 weeks right, 1 week SO-SU. Then start again.

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