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HOW sore/uncomfortable?

HOW sore/uncomfortable?

Should a fella’s penis ligaments be allowed to get in a proper 20 minute or so hanging session? I’m sorry to ask what has probably been asked hundreds of times before, but don’t know what a proper search phrase would be…

SO, in any event, how much strain/discomfort is reasonable in a pair of daily 20 minute sessions for what is considered best growth potential?


Hey mraverage,

Going down the hanging route. Hope it works for you.

I think the search term you want is fatigue. Of course that’ll bring up a lot of threads but basically that seem to be the point of hanging, from what I gather.

The hanging thread seems to be a good place to start, its got a lot of info from and for new hangers.

I’m sure better responses will follow but that thread will keep you going for a while if you haven’t read it already :)

Mr Average

This question is very relative. Meaning it all depends on your situation. Are you a beginner, how much weight, are you reaching fatigue, are you stretchign skin, ligs, etc, etc. Then you have to take into account your individual stimulus-response factor. Will a pair of 20 min sessions be enough for you? too much? again it’s all relative…

However, in the beginning, you might not reach fatigue right away. I think that’s the answer you’re looking for….

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