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How much weight are you using?


How much weight are you using?

To all the hangers in the Forum,

How much weight are you hanging with at present?

I personally, hanging with just over 18 pounds, it has been a gradual build up to this weight, I hang for 20 minute intervals, sometimes for 4 hours at a time.
I am although thinking about going higher to 20 pounds by the end of the week…

Gettin Bigger

I don’t know how much weight I’m using. I’ve been hanging almost exclusively OTS lately using a strap about the same width as is on the hanger. There is a great deal of friction between the strap and the folded towel on my shoulder. Tension depends more on how the strap is positioned and how far back I lean than the amount of weight. Plus, I’ve been doing this while standing, and I push down on the weights as I walk around.

Just guessing, I’d say tension varies from 10-25 lbs., maybe more (?).

Around 14 pounds. I have been thinking of raising it but last night I reached fatigue early on. I dropped weights until I hit a little over 7 pounds.

I too hang OTS, and the way that you sit can have a big impact on the actual weight your hanging.


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."

At the end of school this spring I was up to 17 pounds over the edge of a chair. Now starting up again I’m doing a true BTC (over the edge of the chair while leaning back and feet up - the hanger rests against your buttcrack) I had to back clear off to 8 pounds! Now at 10, I’m hanging further back the shaft to concentrate on skin stretch.

275 lbs.

For some reason I was thinking deadlifts. :) I have been using 12.5 lbs when I do hang.

24 lbs but only for 20 minutes each day

I have never lived this long before. - Dash

Just changed weight

I started hanging at 8.8 lbs. I feel it did only some good, so I added my rice sock to the weight, which upped it to at least 9 lbs. I did this for a few weeks, made some gain. Then I felt I hit a plateau, I wasn’t really feeling a whole lot. Since I don’t have much to use for weights (using Orbatron weight lifting plates) my next step is 14.3 lbs. This is a considerable jump.

I’ve done about a week of this and I’m starting to feel soreness for the first time, but its minor. I’m more worried about putting too much pressure on my head and the puffing of skin around the glans from fluid buildup. To remedy this I watch porn in between sets and take up to 30 mins doing uli’s and bends to work on girth and for my dick to grow into my hanging set stretch. I would hang for 15mins, work girth for 20-30mins, hang again for 15mins, work girth for another 20-30mins, then hang for only 5-10 mins since my head/skin getting sore by now and finish off with more uli’s and bends. Then end the night with a visit to Rosey Palm or my Fleshlight. =D

Oh and my starting stats are 5.75 bp length 5.125 girth
Current stats 6.875 bp length 5.375 girth

I started about a year ago, wasn’t very consistent, off and on.

I hang with 10 pounds and feel fatigue rather quickly. I wonder if the amount of weight you can hang with, without feeling fatigue, can determine future stretching possibilities of the ligs??

I’m hanging daily.
I’m making an average of 4 or 5 sessions of 20 minutes at day with 4 lbs. of weight (2 KG).

When and whatever I must raise of weight? In what proportion?

Somebody can help me?

Excuse the spelling, I am spanish and my English it’s pathetic:P
I will try to improve it, you I promise it :D

CURRENT 7.1" x 5" (8" stretched) ----> GOAL 8" x 6" NBP

Semen retentum venenum est

I hang 24 hrs with no break. I use a 0 lb weight :D


Raise the weight by about one lb per week until you reach fatigue or soreness. Then remain at that weight until you no longer have any soreness.


Hanging at 4 kg about 8pds I think.


I’m comfortable with 25# over the edge of my computer chair, and have gotten nothing. I’ve recorded times since January. Do the electric heat pad till unbearable, wrap, AFB up and drop 25 easy for twenty or more minutes.


The Jelking is not “all that” but a must 4 times a week - whether it helps or not!

I may go to 30 and try 15 minutes, cause I never had any lasting “soreness” as I’ve had with near 20 years of body building and training. That thing just likes being “average”, I’m determined to get at least 1/2” after two years of nothing.

I start off with 30lb to loosen everything up real good…then after a 20 minute session I move down to 15lb..

My theory for this is, the heavy weight gives me max stretch, then after that you really don’t need much to keep it hanging low..

also, the max weight I have held, and feel secure and feel no pain carrying is 60lb…the only downfall is…it falls off!

5 pounds.

Stop laughing.

Actually, I’m a little nervous about hanging heavy. And as long as I’m gaining from a few pounds, I see no reason to increase the weight.

For the most part, I’m hanging throughout the day for about 10-20 minute sessions. I’m Trying to find a compromise between all-day stretchers and intense hanging.

I think a hundred hours, with 5 lbs, should be worth something, but we’ll see.

(I probably average about 3 hours of hang time a day, plus pumping)


(If 5 lbs doesn’t work, I’ll try 10 lbs next month.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

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