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How much cold is bad?

How much cold is bad?

I started doing my first hanging session, and about 1/2 way through, I noticed the head was getting a bit cold. The head wasn’t a different color or even close to being red, but I’ve heard cold is bad. Would an IR lamp take care of this or am I hanging wrong? I’ve read the newbie threads on hanging, but just wanted to hear it from the vets :) I am only using 3 pounds on the Redi-Stretcher and everything seems to be nice and snug.

Thanks in advance.

Cold is bad, cool is normal. The color change you want to watch for isn’t the head going red, but dark or blue. After removing the hanger, everything should look normal after about 30-45 seconds or so of light stimulation such as light jelquing. No, keeping things warm with an IR lamp doesn’t count. ;)

The reason you go cool or cold is because your cutting off the blood supply to your shaft and glans. Cool is perfectly OK until the color changes to dark blue. This means all the oxygen in the blood is used up so it needs to be replaced soon. This is the reason for no more then 20 min sets to replace and circulate fresh blood. With PEWEIGHTS you could be cool for hours and there is no problem because circulation is not cut off totally. The color stays pink and you could wear them indefinitely. I’ve worn mine for hours with no problem. Hanging is a different story though. A stretched shaft will constrict blood flow to none. So you need to watch and take action when things get out of hand.

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Thanks for all the help, guys :) I guess its hard to distinguish between cool and cold, but once things start turning different color, it’ll be easy to recognize.

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