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How much can you hang on a captains wench?

How much can you hang on a captains wench?

I seem to be having issues haning more than 10 pounds from my captains wench. For those of you who are hanging a lot more, what is your wrap like? Any suggestions?

I have gone as high as 12.5 lbs, and could have gone more I think. My wrapping technique is pretty basic — I just use a double layer of HTW, that’s it. I’m currently trying fulcrum hanging with a wenchette, and am at 7.5 lbs with no problems.

What specific issues are you having?

When I put on more than 10 pounds it always seems to slip down onto the head and cause some pain. I’ve tried making it tighter, but in order to make it not slip I have to put it on extremely tight. I think it may be my wrap, I only use an ACE bandage.

If I used a mouse pad to make the rubber stoppers grip more, would that be bad?

For me whenever I felt the hanger slipping, I would have to add something more in specific areas. I am like you in the fact that I only use ACE bandage for wrap (everything else is painful for me) and the immediate solution was to add more which not only stopped the slipping, but made it more comfortable for me as well.

EDIT: And to answer your question, I have gotten up to 15 lbs in my wench although for the past couple of months I have decreased the weight and have focused more on doing more sets with less weight.

Thanks for the response! Do you wrap tight or loose with the ACE bandage?

I used to wrap it tight but since I started to add more, it would not have to be as tight. The extra ACE bandage provided more than enough to keep a good grip and prevent slippage.

I have not got up to five pounds yet but interesting stuff.I don’t thank I well hang that much, I’ll just take a deacon brake and start over with 3 pounds.I use an infant sock I cut down to two inches over my ace bandage.

5/27/09 start>>> BP Length 5.5 NBP 5 Girth 5.5

7/16/09>>> BP Length 6 NBP 5.5 Girth 5.5.

Thank you PE and Thunders.

I up to 12lbs on the Captains Wench.I routinely do house work ,chores & even some swinging wearing it with 12lbs.I also use it with 5 lbs as a ADS at my desk with a heat lamp.

Use theraband over the ace bandage. The grip on the wench grabs the theraband very well.

I used to hang with a “Wenchette,” a 1” wide version of the Wench. I found that when I hung over 15#, some of the adhesive on the pads would start to creep. It would still work; it just wouldn’t hold together as well. i think a full size Wench would probably be good for at least 20#, but that’s just a guess.

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Originally Posted by slippy0101
I seem to be having issues hanging more than 10 pounds from my captains wench.

As evidenced by other posters plenty of guys comfortably hang more than that. But for many, 10lbs is where it starts to slip. While I have never used the wench, I experienced 10lbs as the problem point with swim cap hangers.

Good luck!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I think the most that I have been able to hang in the past was 17.5lbs. At the time, though, I did not use a metal clamp. I used the Cable Clamp. I had way too much slippage and eventually it would rest on my glands. Wrapping and clamping tight are my best words of advice.

Slippage With A Captains Wench

Originally Posted by skeebo

I used to wrap it tight but since I started to add more, it would not have to be as tight. The extra ACE bandage provided more than enough to keep a good grip and prevent slippage.

Hello every one thus is my first post on Thunders Place, but I have been doing PE for 4+years. Right now I am hanging 15+pounds using a captain wench. How I do this is I wrap up with a ace bandage semi tight. I do have a little head swell but no numbing. I wrap the full length of my penis wile squeezing the blood out the head of my member. Then put on the captains wench tight as possible using my hands. Trying to get the firmest grip possible. At the same time squeezing the rest of the blood out of my glans. After I get it as tight as I can with my hands, then I put on two cable clamps. I try to click each one of them 4 times but some times I can only get 3 clicks per clamp. It Depends on the thickness of my Johnson. But after I do that I hook on a bungee cord put my weights on and I am ready to go. I have hung up-to 17and a 1/2 lbs like this. It is all in the wrap and the tightness of the cable clamps.

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