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How Many Hours Should You Hang A Day?


Also have been using bathmate almost every AM in the shower for ten-fifteen minutes.

Tried the stretchers off and on for years.

Could never get the mechanism to secure to my member for any length of time

Got zero results.

Now along with the over nite hanging, total of 1 1/2 to 3 hrs in two sets.. And

Tugging ferociously while driving 2 hrs a day, have increased length 3/8 in 6 weeks.

Noticeable change in a sub 6 in Member.

E Q actually getting better sporadically.

No diminishment noted.

Im new to Hanging been hanging for two weeks i have 3 questions :

1. Can i leave the silicon sleeve on after session , is the silicon tight enough to cut off blood flow ?

2. Im hanging like 9 sets of 20 mins per night since im a newbie should i decrease the numer of sets to 3

3. Did anyone hang low weights while erect it looks to be working VERY good with me

I havn’t tried any weights nearing 20 lbs, which for sure would be for a short duration,
I presume that this MuSt cause some degree of pain, more than mere discomfort.
What degree of pain (difficult to quantify , I know) is expected, and could be considered
Appropriate, ?


Sleeve Is A Must

Just got an order of sleeves, and now able to secure
The Member snugly without discomfort from clamping.
Was able to hang 2x for 1.5- 2hrs overnight.. Feeling
Tissues stretching and possibly separating., but no
Super painful moments which had occurred previously
Due to inept clamping.
Using silicone sleeve, one wrap of therawrap
And switched
To the PRO bib clamp..

Now Discomfort free attachment.

Looking forward to finally increasing weight from 10 lbs
For short durations,
Interested in finding out Tissue response to heavy (20lb+) pulling.

Silicone sleeve is a Must !


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