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How I grew a third arm for wrapping!

How I grew a third arm for wrapping!

Greetings to all my fellow hangers.

I stumbled upon something today that I have to give credit to twatteaser for. He mentioned in another thread how he used a vice to hold the glans while he wrapped with two free hands. Now I for one, did not want to procure or actually use such a piece of machinery and thought of something else.
Essentially what I do is take Captain Hook’s Wench and wrap it very *gently* around the head of my penis making sure not to pinch anything. Then I just use a medium cable clamp to get a snug but not painful fit around the penis.
Now I am not sure what the rest of you guys use to attach weight but I personally use a bungee cord with hooks on each end. So I attach one end of the cord to the wench strap and the other to something stationary, like say a slotted chair. (One with bars in the back, but you can use anything like a towel rack even.) Then I gently stretch the cord out and my flaccid penis stretches too. As long as you are careful not to overdo it you can get a really good pull without any pain so far. (Have only tried this a couple times yet, but I thought if people were having wrapping problems they would not want to wait to try it.)
So far I have had really great results and I hope others will volunteer to try this and see if this works for them as well. This is just a newbie suggestion so if you have something better than by all means please post it.

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Elastic string. (WalMarts $1.89 US)


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The general idea is use what is handy. If you can barely tie your shoes and are no boy scout then a noose is out of the question. A cable clamp glued/bolted/screwed to a yard stick may be what you want. Everyone has a bitch with wrapping at one time or another. I wish I could pull a t-1000 from Terminator 2 and grow a thiord hand like he did for some driving/piloting while shotting scenes in that flick.

Look around the house before dropping an extra dime and see what can be used. If you don’t have anything that you think can help, be sure to purchase it cheaply.

Perhaps the married guy or unalone one can have a girl pull on the fireman for him in place of these infernal devices. It is too expensive to hire a hooker or fetish photography model for this.

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