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How does tunica fatigue feel


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Hanging Fatigue

Originally Posted by SimonClass
Thanks sheLovesit, but I’m still not sure what fatigue is.

To all guys.
1.Does fatigue mean that you feel soreness in your penis after you have finished all your hanging for the day (so for example you still feel fatigue after 1 hour without any form of pe, so basically feel soreness the rest of the day)
2.does it only mean that you feel soreness while hanging and when you take off the weight you have not this feeling, you only get the soreness feeling back when you hang again (for example after you have finished with your hanging for the day, you feel nothing but if you would hang another set, you would feel soreness during the set again)?

Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I think feeling fatigue after hanging is a good sign. Sometimes I feel exhaustion at the end of a set, and if I do, I know I’m due for at least a off.

The thread Rock pointed to is a good one - read it.

I’m doing a tunica stretching routine at the moment and I feel sore at my inner penis, the part between my outer penis and my perineum. You can also say that I feel sore between my balls. Hope that makes sense.

I also hope that this is the right fatigue.

Forgot to say that I also feel a worked out feeling along the whole shaft when I just stretch out when under the shower or visit the bathroom. This feeling is on both sides along the whole shaft (I can feel some strong tissues on the sides, may be it’s the tunica).

When I palpate my inner penis I feel sore at the lower attachment points at the bottom of the pubic bone.


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