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How does the wench work

How does the wench work

How does the wench work when applying weights? I have read the wench threads over but still do not understand the concept, can anyone help me out?


My wench does the dishes, laundry, and takes out the trash. She works OK I guess.

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What don’t you understand? How much weight to use? How it is different and similair to a Bib Hnager/starter?

To the experienced hanger, the Wench and all of its advantages and disadvantages should quickly become evident. Matters such as “top and bottom gap” can be addressed, albeit in a primitive way. Most of my own time using the Wench has been spent hanging and I’ve found it to be the perfect vehicle for this often times frustrating method of PE. The efficient on and off, the easy adjustability, and the surprising power of its gentle grip all make for a pleasant experience using a variety of weight and set time/duration. And because of the durable strength of the materials used, your personal settings remain perfectly intact until you decide there is a need to change them.
To the uninitiated hanger I can only recommend educating yourself as much as possible about the process and all of its complexities. This knowledge coupled with a small amount of patience should go a long way toward successful hanging with the Wench.

- CaptnHook - The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

The Captn’s Wench: PE Device

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That’s an interesting question - I’ve never seen it posted before. Here goes:
The Wench works no differently than any other lateral compression hanger. If you understand how Bib’s Hanger, or Tom Hubbards AFB Hanger works, stop reading here because you already know.

In short:

- The penis is wrapped in a fabric (check out the many wrapping threads here at TP)

-The Wench is wrapped around the flaccid penis at the wrap - approximately 1” behind the glans, with the two Grippers positioned along the sides of the shaft.

- a cable clamp is placed around the circumference of the Wench and tightened down so that the two internal grippers of the Wench are forced into gripping the sides of the penis shaft.

-Weights, attached to an S-hook, are connected to the upside down U-shaped strap loop.


View these pictures while reading along with the above instructions:

Wench Illustrations
Clamping Illustrations

For a more detailed explanation on how to attach and use the Wench, read these posts:

Using The Wench
Clamping The Wench

And don’t be shy about asking specific questions if you remain stumped. I don’t mind.

Edit: Oops. Twat doesn't mind either.

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