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--How do you set the hanging angle?--

--How do you set the hanging angle?--

Hello, sorry for the newbish question, but I’m trying to learn. I don’t have a hanger yet, but it sounds interesting.

My LOT is very low, so I have little/no gaining to do from lig stretching. I constantly see that to stretch the tunica, it is best to perform exercises/hang at the higher angles.

My question is, how do you hang at the higher angles? Is there some device that props your penis up, or do u hang the weights over your back? Also, to make sure I’m not confused, the upper angles would be the angles closer to straight up, correct?

Thank you all in advance :)

You can do fulcrum under the desk hanging or over the shoulder hanging.

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Thank you very much :) . Funny picture (although very helpful) too.

I have a low LOT too. I stand in front of a stepladder and hang the weight over the top rung. In this position my nob is at about 11:30 position -fantastic stretch at the base :)

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