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How do you measure/adjust the force of your ADS?

How do you measure/adjust the force of your ADS?

I mean, when I have the ADS on I never know exactly how much force is working.
I just do it at my comfort level.
But I would like to know this, since this would help me in working progressly and therefore growing better.

Has anybody an idea of how to do this?

I use it the same way, a moderate traction.
In case you is useful, the recommendations of the manufacturers are the ones transcribed below:

Calculate the personal penis size by substracting 4 cm
(1.6”) from the size of your penis in erection.

Example: 5.78” – 1.57 ” = 4.21 ” > initial size of device = 4.21”

DEVICE SIZE______________________________________________ ____________________Daily duration
First 5 days Initial size______________________________________________ _______________ 3 hours
Day 6 - 10 Add a small 0.5cm rod (piece 11).__________________________________________ 6 hours
Day 11 - 15 Add a small 0.5cm rod (piece 11)._________________________________________ 8 hours

1st and 2nd month Add a small 0.5cm rod (piece 11) every 7 days________________________ 9 hours
3rd and 4th month Add a small 0.5cm rod (piece 11) every 10 days________________________ 9 hours
From the 5th month Add a small 0.5cm rod (piece 11) every 15 days_______________________ 9 hours

After the 2nd month, I use the device to measure my penis in erection and I find comfortable, although I feel no discomfort.
In these two months to observe an increase of about 0,59” in an erect state, in flaccid state under normal conditions, it shows much longer and thicker.

I think that traction should be gradually increased within the limits that are tolerable and allow complete the hours of use.
I believe in the principle of traction which results in the expansion of human tissue by gradual stretching, and then allowing the body to remodel itself naturally.

Probably take me longer than others, but my goal is to have permanent gains, so I have no hurry to grow up fast. ;-)
(Sorry for my poor English.)

=-MAB-= !No existe problema o dolor mas grande que el que sufre uno mismo!

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