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How do you avoid....

How do you avoid....

Just stretching the skin? When I try to attach a hanger it seems that no matter where I put it on my penis no matter how tight it is it just causes the skin to slide down to the head and it pulls on my head. So like the hanger pulls less penis and more skin. I’m cut by the way and any suggestions would be great.

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What kind of hanger you using?

You have to clamp the hanger onto the meat of your unit, regardless of brand.

If the skin is loose enough to permit the hanger to slide and does- then you simply aren’t attaching the the hanger to your unit, just to your skin.

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I have fairly loose skin so I still have trouble with slippage myself, but I have found a way to hang further back while minimizing skin stretching. I’m sure others have probably done it, but it helps me.

With one hand I grab my glans and stretch it up, with the other I grab my balls. I pull my balls under my legs and close my legs together so that my balls are under my pressed legs. This way my skin is pretty tight. I then apply the wrap and hanger while stretching my glans upward the whole time. I will still get some skin stretching because some skin covers part of my glans (normal), but I like this technique better.

I am still a hanging newbie and I definitely need to improve my technique, but it’s something that has helped me hang for now. Maybe it will work for you.

I made a wench and I tighten it as tight as I possibly can with the cable clamps. I can’t get it any tighter at all. I guess its just technique that I have to get down. Sometimes I can do it and sometimes I can’t. I’m just afraid that when I get up to like 15 lbs that it will just totally pull skin. I’m currently at 5.

I'm not hot I'm cool.

Feb08 start: 7 bpel 5.8 eg. Is this big for a Filipino?

Goal: 8 nbpel 6.3 eg

Khunt , try manipulating your grippers around a little bit. They may not be at the true sides of your penis, which will cause some slipping.

I’ve found that when I get skin stretch that it can be relieved by loosening the clamp 15 or twenty turns and then pulling the wrap from the back end (pelvis side) out a little. It doesn’t take a lot, and you certainly don’t want to pull enough to suck your glans into the clamp. I’ve gotten to the point now where I just pull the wrap back as I mount the unit on prior to tightening and skin stretch is almost eliminated.

In the case of your Wench the same thing can be accomplished prior to cinching down the clamps

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