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How comfortably do you actually hang, for REAL?

How comfortably do you actually hang, for REAL?

Hey guys!

After 10 days off I`m back again tomorrow and I will start lightly. However it`s said that you should experiment until you find the setting that`s perfect for you. I agree, but how do you find this setting each time? Do you actually measure the gaps with a ruler and use the same configuration all the time? My flaccid varies a lot and the settings for one day might not fit the flaccid size next day. As for comfortably hanging I`m almost pretty comfortable but not like I`m really ENJOYING it. At least not in the first sets hanging 6 kg - 10-12 lbs straight down or 4 kg - 8 lbs BTC. The light sets after reaching fatigue can be 100 % comfortable though. I`ve found that the best for me is to keep a little blood in the head when hanging, that way the hanger won`t slide down to the head. And important to mention, I am uncut. Perhaps that makes it harder to get the same setting each time because of all the skin?

My thoughts and questions for the day:-)

6 kg seems much to me but I guess you have more experience than me

I tried 3 kg once and it was too much so i used 1,5 al usual.

I am also uncut and have the problem the hanging device keeps slipping over the head.

I have very long foreskin

I’m building a CCH3. This looks very promising.

I’ll tell you how it worked for me when I tried it.

Starting Stats: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 5.5'' girth: 5.1'' erect: lenght: 6.8'' girth: 5.5'' hardness: 40 - 60 % 07. Aug. 04: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 6.0'' girth: 5.4'' erect: lenght: 7.7'' girth: 6.2'' hardness: 90 - 100%

I know what you mean, somedays it feels great other days it’s just not quite right. I find that I have to adjust it every time I hang due to differences in flaccid size each day. I seem to have to adjust each setting to some degree every time I hang.

However I still think the Bib hanger is a great way to go.

If you use the CCH3 hanger, the hanger “finds” the right setting for you each and every time.
The ability of the CCH3 to do this isn’t hindered if you use a wrap or not and whether you are totally flaccid to slightly plump. There is no measuring gaps, you actually measure by feel.
If you increase or decrease your hanging weight, you may have to fiddle with the thickness of your wrap for other hangers. Not with this one.

However, I am cut so I can’t speak for the uncut.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

Red rover, red rover, send renholder right over…

I, uh, so what hanger are you using exactly? What material for wrap and how much of it? When you say your flaccid varies daily, is it in girth or length and by how much? The more specific you are, the easier it is for us to help you.

Ok, now as far as comfort goes. You have to understand that at the beginning of the modern PE era, hangers were using noose setups, dowels tied together with strings, toothbrushes, and all kinds of bizarre hanging materials. A lot of these had a tendency to inflict quite a bit of pain while hanging. Personally, I’ve only hung with the wench and with the production model bib. You have to understand that there’s going to be some discomfort from the work being done. Hanging weights off the end of your penis isn’t exactly natural.

If you got any questions, just say the word.

I’m using the wench and at the lighter weight I’m currently hanging (5 pounds), I find it very, very comfortable, especially now she is “broken in”.

Apart from the stretch in the ligs (I’m hanging SD), I do not feel the wench on at all.

I have never hung anymore than about 6 pounds with the wench, so I can’t comment on comfort with higher weights, but I would assume it would still be quite comfortable.

My question , how many hours each day can you hang for maximum comfortably ?


You mention “measuring the gap”, which suggests to me you may be using a Bib. If you do, here’s my simple and exact way of fine tuning my Bib: Paint one side of the hexnuts (one of the six sides, duh); then all you need to do when adjusting is counting complete rotations, using this visual reference.

Originally Posted by johnny2
My question , how many hours each day can you hang for maximum comfortably ?

Around 4 to 6 sets of 20 min. each.

Starting: 5 BPEL x 4.5 EG on 4/19/03

Latest: 6 BPEL x 5 EG on 2/17/04

Goal: 7 BPEL x 6 EG

I think the best thing to is observe, with each use, how the hanger feels. Does this sesson feel better or worse than the last one. When you find a setting that feels good, do what ever you need to to allow you to repeat it.

Using a quasi-bib hanger, I comfortably use 17.5 pounds, 20 minutes, 3 -5 sessons. To repeat the ‘gap’ setting I found what was comfortable, stuck my finger through the gap and noted where it stopped, then cut dowels that were the same thickness.

I once had the perfect hang: wrapped first time, hung the weight in perfect balance, could not feel weight at all. After 15 minutes head was still warm and had not changed color. Unfortunatly this was an extra sesson and I had to go somewhere. I hated to take it off, knowing I might never hit perfect again.

I would say in my meager experience using the Wench, that you should not feel pain but more than likely you are going to feel the stretch. It is probably going to feel like when you stretch any other muscle, good example of trying to do the splits. Is it painful? Usually not, unless you slipped on a banana peel but you do feel something going on which may not be as pleasant as that last bj.

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Originally Posted by johnny2
My question , how many hours each day can you hang for maximum comfortably ?

About 4 sets of 15 min. each, with 3 sets of 10 min between, thats about 1 hour real hang plus 30 min rest time. :)


Sorry I forgot to mention, I use the Bib Starter with theraband.

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