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Hours per Week

Hours per Week

I have some how got it in my head that you need to hang a minimum of 10-hours per week in order to gain. If there is already a post on this topic let me know and I will try and find it.

I’m having a hard time getting 10-hours. For instance, this week I will probably only get 7.5-hours.

Does any one have any data/insight,opinion/theory on how much hanging time you need?

I have always felt that more time with less weight is better than less time with more weight.

Try using your hanger to stretch all day, seeing as you can do it during a normal days activities. There is a ratio of time/weight that will effect you differently from others, and trying different things out will show you what we can’t answer.

On this note, hanging is time consuming, as with the high risk of injuring yourself, you need constant monitoring and privacy. Try getting a schedule set up for yourself to hang, work it in with your daily life.

Also, I don’t know where you got 10 hours minimum from, I’m sure there are guys that have gotten gains from just 7 hours a week and maybe even less.

I always needed 10 plus hanging hours you might get some newbie hanging gains with less but sooner or later you will have to add hours.

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