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Horizontal hanging

Horizontal hanging

I was tired and decided to lay my stomach on the bed and my feet across two chairs. I left about a foot of space between the edge of the bed and the chairs where the weight hung down.

After one set I noticed the belly of my dick had red lines under the head. They’re not the typical “dots” but I think I my have broken a vessel.

Should I suspend activity until they fade? It doesn’t hurt but I’m a little concerned.


Just a couple of questions. What kind of hanger are you using and how much weight were you hanging? It could be that the weight pulled the hanger down onto the glans and compressed folds of skin underneath. I would suspect that the lines will go away in a day or two. I’d say just keep on hanging if you want, but hang in other positions and keep an eye on it.

Good luck


ps. Be sure to use moist heat on your ligs every time you hang.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hi Nick7,
just my 2 cents on your unfortunate experience. Whenever changing positions in hanging, you are now exposing a different area of your penis to be stretched, so you have to evaluate a weight for that area. If you are hanging 10 lbs sitting down or BTC, and you decide to hand lying on your stomache, 10 lbs will be too much weight for that areea, so it would be wise to start fresh at 2lbs and work your way up to the desired weight. I think you probably overstretched that area which should go away in a few days. If you decide to continue hanging, I would hang at a lower weight than your normal to be safe and allow the area to heal.
Take care and always be careful when trying new things.


jelktoid and kabar,

I have a bib hanger and was using 8.25 lbs. Normally I sit and hang with my legs elevated using 5.5lbs. I started with the same weight in the horizontal position but it felt like I could go heavier so I did.

The good news jelktoid is that the lines are gone already(you were right). And kabar, not only did I change positions using the same weight, I increased it! A rookie mistake I won’t make again. I’m back to the sitting position with 5.5lbs. The next horizontal hanging will be with 2.75. Thanks !!!

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