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Homemade Hanger Help


Hello every one

I am gathering quite a collection of PE devices, pump, Vacextender some home made stuff as well.

I really want to work more with the hanging side, but I have encountered a problem and I was wondering is any one could help.

First of all I am in the UK, so some of the materials that are referred to I have no idea of what the exact counterpart is here in good old Blighty.

I have made a BIB home made hanger, but EXACTLY what do I use INSIDE? It slips off !

I have found a place that sells Theraband here in the UK, so that’s sorted.

I made a Captains wrench, but could I figure out what the exact “gripper” was that held the wrench against my penis, could I? Nope!

I made a Chicken choker, but what is the soft spongy stuff that grips my penis? No idea at all.

On those two points I have tried various things but have nothing works!

Can some one who has solved this problem who can point me to a specific product I can buy in the UK? I.e from B & Q or Focus DIY etc…

Many thanks

Originally Posted by johnnyabc

Hello every one

I am gathering quite a collection of PE devices, pump, Vacextender some home made stuff as well.

I really want to work more with the hanging side, but I have encountered a problem and I was wondering is any one could help.

First of all I am in the UK, so some of the materials that are referred to I have no idea of what the exact counterpart is here in good old Blighty.

etc. etc.

I think you should post pics of your homemade devices, so it will be easier to understand if you did mistakes making them.

Hi Marinera

Thanks for that. I will take pictures and post them on here (later tonight - at work now)

One quick question (stupid I know) but how do I attach pictures to my posts?


When you post a new reply (using the first ‘post reply’ button, right below the last post of every thread - see attached pic), a new window opens; in this new window, you’ll see, at the bottom, a ‘manage attachment’ button; if you click it, an upload little window will open.

You are not the first member asking this question, so, no, it’s not a stupid one :) .

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Many thanks, got it now.

Ok, I have attached some pictures of my home made stuff

I have made the BIB hanger – but what goes on the inside that I can buy in England? I really need specifics, I have tried wrapping, tried foam? Nothing works it slips off!

I have made a CC – Chicken choker – instead of two highlighter pens I have used to pieces of wood the same shape and size, but again, it slips off, what exactly should I use to stop this?

I made a Captains wrench, I used the felt squares (as directed?) I got them from B & Q but does that grip, nope!

The only thing that seems not to slip off is my Vac-Extender and this mix I have made from a couple f bits of Velcro stuck back to back with a small plastic buckle on. It’s doesn’t slip but I can’t hang any more that a pound or two..

I must be doing something wrong some where.. Any help with specific products I can get in the UK is really what I need!

So what is the “secret” of getting the grip?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Can't get a grip

And the second lot of pictures.

The problem is with the “only thing that doesnt slip” is I can only hand a 1 or 2 lbs.after that guess what, it slips.!

Any and all feed back welcomed!

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I recommend you to read this two threads:

The Modified Bib Hanger
Home made Bib Hangers / Bib’s Uli thing

it’s hard to explain things better than they are there.

Also, check out threads related to hanging and wrapping.

About materials required, you should be able to find all of them in UK; what’s specifically the material you are unable to find?

Hi Marinera

That is what I copied my “designs” from.. It’s the friction between the penis and the hanger I am getting problems with.

Nothing seems to grip. If I tighten the Bib hanger I have made so it doesn’t slip, is so bloody tight I can’t have it on for more than a a couple of mins.

My Vac_extender the rubber sleeve grips well but I get some lymph build up so I can’t have it on for long (unless I wrap with Coban elastic tape)

The felt I read about (on the Captains Wrench) to stop stuff scratching the floor, even though seems grippie when I slide my thumb across it, doesn’t grip my tool at all.

It seems to me your version of Bib’ hanger is missing the piece ‘U’ shaped; the hanger should put stress foremost on the side of your penis.

How about wrapping? Are you applying the correct instructions?

Hanging with a Bib isn’t so easy, you have to experiment for a while.

But you made the AFB hanger also: is that slipping, too? How much weight are you hanging?

Your chicken choker can easily be modified into a decent AFB hanger. All you need to do is drill holes in the ends of both sides and get some screws plus wingnuts. You will be able to get the grip you want without the noose effect of the homemade BIB.

Some success

I have made a AFB hanger

I have used mouse mat on the insides.

I would appreciate your feed back – it still strikes me I am doing something wrong…?

I warp with Coban. You can see my completed AFB hanger with mouse mat on the inside. (I made it today in the workshop at work!)

I have hung 2kg (about 4 ½ lbs) and it felt like the end of my penis was being ripped off! L I obtained a set of scales used to weight fish (!) and a comfortable “pull” is 3lbs.

I am not a new comer to PE at all, I have been doing it fairly consistently for the past 10 months and not really seen any length gains at all.

I originally enquired as every hanger I used slipped off with anything more than about 5 lbs..

My current routine is thus

A) Rise sock warm up.
B) 30 mins pump at 5 – 6 mmHg with 1 ¾ tube
C) Clamp 15 mins (and some how I think I am getting this wrong too!)
D) Some times – 3 or 4 days a week I will use my jelq sticks after this, slow 3 second stokes for about 4 – 5 mins,
E) Vac extender for as long as I can, Maybe 1 hour (some times I have to do this stretch at night) I find I can’t really hang much weight on the VacExtneder.

So here I am looking to add hanging into the routine.

My questions are thus…

1. Does the wrapping seem ok, any feed back?
2. Have I positioned it correctly in the hanger? (Bearing in mind it is so painful)
3. If 1 & 2 are ok, will I be able to hang more weight as time goes by?
4. Is mouse mat a reasonable gripper to use, or is there something better?
5. The head started to go cold in less than 2 mins, should the angle of the pull be altered so instead of down it was out at 90 degrees to my body?
6. Would a Bib started hanger grip better, so I won’t have these problems?

Thanks very much for any feed back..


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Here is the other pictures quoted.

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Your wrap is way too tight (should be loose), it also has to be longer than the surface area of your hanger. A loose wrap should fix the cold glans problem and allow for better grip.

Your hanger seems decent enough. I don’t know why people use discs to attach the cord to, it puzzles me, just lose them :) I assume you used the Chicken Choker sides for the AFB which already had holes for cords, you could have used them with a loop at each side. With a loop at each side the tension is alway equal on both sides. Not every material you can use for the sides is strong enough to have holes for the cord which is why I used 1 loop for the AFB hanger instructions, the screws won’t break ;)

Hard to tell if they are or not, but if if the edges of your hanger aren’t smooth yet file them till they are. If the surface and edges of your hanger are smooth you don’t need something soft like a mousemat inside, but if you like it keep it :)

You may need to attach the hanger a little lower, just half an inch or so.

Pain during hanging can indicate there’s pressure on your nerves ontop of your penis. See if you have any twisting, I recently made a thread to fix twisting.

With better wrapping and (some) practise you won’t need any other hanger.

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Hi Piet,

Many thanks for your reply.

Feel free to remove the pics of my penis so you can put the thread back in the hangers forum. I am sorry I have no idea of how to start threads or move them - klutz I know!-
I hope that my experiences can help some one else to. As I have struggled and struggled with hangers - and with PE in general - I have always struggled with “getting a grip” This is the first PE device (apart from the vac extender) that I have made or bought that gives a grip..

I will try the warp longer and looser and report back - so fundamentally regarding the wrap - it is to protect the head of the glands from abrasion ? And the hanger it’s self should provide enough tension regardless of the tension of the wrap?

As a “guide” if I have it right, I should be able to hang more that 2 kg on my first outing with the hanger? So am I correct in thinking that I must have it wrong because of a combination of the pain and the small amount of weight used.. (I see BiB was hanging 15 lb+)

Whats the feed back on using mouse pad?

Many thanks


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