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Homemade Bib Hangers

Homemade Bib Hangers

Anyone here ever build the homemade hanger outlined on this forum? If so, are they cool? I printed out the plans, but haven’t built one yet. It looks scary, like it’ll fuck your dick up.

The real Bib hangers look all crafted and wicked, but I don’t have the tools to make one of my own, nor the dough to get a real one right now. And by the time I do have the money it’ll probably be too late. I’m surprised there isn’t some other maker of similar type hangers….everything I’ve found so far are real ghetto, like those swimcap jammies.

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Spend a couple of bucks and build one, or one of each model. The one recommendation I have is for tightening the hose clamp.. use a nut driver instead of a screwdriver. The homemade Bib is about as good as you can get now.

This guy made a great looking BIB hanger!

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I’ve made em in the past (the basic models from the diagrams) and, they work well. The production models are definitely many steps above them though! Dont give up hope Prickle…BIB IS picking up production again soon. No word exactly when yet. Start setting aside a few bucks a week you might normally blow on ciggs, alcohol, or junk food. Amazing where money magically comes from when you put down your budget on paper. ;)

Well… I’m gonna look into building the ones printed on the forum. It’s not the cost that’s the issue, because I know it’s dirt cheap to build one of those bad boys. Looks like I got a fun project to work on. I’m just wondering how fast I’ll “outgrow” those homemade ones.

As for making one of those more advanced Bib knockoffs - I don’t have the tools for that right now, so I’ll have to improvise by building the more simple ones first. Neccessity is the mother of invention.

Thanks for the input, though.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve been able to construct a decently-functioning DIY BIB.

I used a plastic surface-mounted hose clamp w/ a 2” inside diameter; your wire/rope/whatever then attaches to the screw-holes on the surface-mount portion of the clamp.

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