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Homebrew BIB (mine)

Ah well tryn4more, it was worth a shot. Your hangers sounded like just the thing for me. You did say you might consider building some for people if they contacted you a while back, but I guess you hadn’t really thought it through fully when you said it, and things changed.

I will wait for bib’s to come back into production, hurry up bib, I need a bigger dick, you’re responsible for me still having a short dick, lol.

tryn4more I have just today abandoned the noose hanging and tried this instead, please tell me if you think this is a safe method.

I got a shoe lace and a long bandage wide enough to cover my shaft up to the head from the base. I pressed the shoe lace against the underside of my cock, so it was running length ways the same direction as my cock, then i wrapped the bandage over it and around my cock several times nice and tightly, except the head. Then the shoe lace was stuck there with one end coming out the front end of the underside of the bandage, and the other end of shoe lace coming out the back end of the underside of the bangage. I then tied the two ends of shoe lace together, put a hook on and hung the weight off it. The weight pulled across the width of the bandage on the underside, instead of pulling round my cock like a noose. Do you think this way is a safe way for me to hang until I can buy a Bib?

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

Ah yes, grasshopper. Necessity is the mother of invention!

Creativeness, will get you there. That is definetely safer than a noose. You do have the right idea, stretching the fibrous tissue is the goal. That is why some have great sucess with just manual stretching. The hanger is a way to put tension on the tough tissue in the dick, after a while this tissue has no choice but to stretch. Theory is, the stretching causes small micro-tears in the tissue. Then during the healing process the tissue heals back in the stretched state. I have always thought, that for those that cant afford, build or aquire a hanger of some sort-to improvise the best they can. If they really want to hang. By wrapping, with a good solid wrap-then sliding on a baby sock and applying another good wrap over it. You now, would have a device you could attach some light weights to. Some guys have used pipe insulation, and then wrapped over that-then hung weights off of the insulation. Just keep in mind, you want the pulling to be applied to the shaft/inner penis. And not to the head. The only way to enlarge the head is to increase the mass of soft tissue, by engorging or balloning if you will. Same theory though, enlargement and the breaking down of tissue. And then healing the larger space. I hope this helps you.

Also, be prepared. Gains are an elusive trophy. Those that are persistent and patient will suceed. Hastiness and the lack of caution, may hurt your best freind. You can’t grow if your’e sidelined by a silly injury. Be Careful. Adios

"If you build it, they will come".

What happened here? The last time this thread was posted in was 8/01/03, how did it pop to the top of the new posts?

"If you build it, they will come".

Things that go “bump” in the night.

Originally Posted by CaptnHook
Things that go “bump” in the night.

Hey Cap, how does a thread get bumped, without it showing that someone bumped it?


"If you build it, they will come".

Alrighty then. Well, I guess I’m honored! :D

"If you build it, they will come".


That’s a nice hanger, I would consider buying one if my bib ever breaks if the price was right. Would anybody else?

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Thanks Dino.

I don’t want any part of stepping on Bib’s toes. I’m just here to get a bigger dick,and maybe contribute some advice or insight for someone else that’s seeks the same. Way back when I started PE, I touched on the possibility of making some homebrews available for members here. Then, after thinking about it- it takes about 1-2 hr. to build one plus the materials. The homebrew is just a good copy of the original Bib, works good for me. You figure the time it takes to make it, plus the materials-it wouldn’t be profitable. Besides the fact, I would’nt want the liability of selling a product that someone clamps onto their cock. I am making a few weight hangers for a couple of members here, currently.

I have to admit, it makes me proud when someone compliments my homebrew. My wife, keeps telling me to invent something we can get rich on. I’m all for that, if I didn’t have to work -I would have more time to work on my PE.

"If you build it, they will come".


That’s cool my friend, but you should think about it for maybe sometime in the future because unless bigger comes back a lot of hangers are going to be left without a good hanger when the bibs start to break. Maybe you could hire a kid from the neighborhood and tell him he’s making fishing pole holders for deep see fishing.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

For the sake of being lazy, (not searching) why did Bib stop production?

Anybody know?

"If you build it, they will come".

I think I read that first on foremost he wanted to take a break for the summer for him and his sons.

Originally Posted by ERA
I think I read that first on foremost he wanted to take a break for the summer for him and his sons.



"If you build it, they will come".

At last check Bib is out of the game indefinitely, so no more hangers from him.

I think there’s a great need right now for someone else - capable of building quantities of quality hangers - to step up and take his place. I would definitely buy a hanger from you tryn4more if you decided to offer them. Charge whatever it takes for the products and your time. PE’ers will be more than willing to pay whatever fair value you decide on. As far as the liability, just have a local attorney draft up a waiver that your customers must agree to before purchasing.


Good to see you, and I’m glad you agree I also don’t think bigger will be back sad to say. So tryn maybe if you ever decide to do it you could email bigger and check with him so you don’t step on the big man’s toes.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


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