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Hey guys.Thanks for the reply and repremanding me for lack of gramer and such .I’d hate to get band from here, I’ve taken my sbpl from 7 to 8 following my idea, with elbp gain of 1/2 in.I may be lucky but , I also think i might be onto something, from what I’ve read ,I made really nice gains, but I’ve also put in alot of work.In the future I’ll do my best to come across as an intelligent person , instead of a lazy slob that doesn’t know his first language, and thunders is still great even if i get reprimanded.=]

Wow, I dont know whether you are joking or you seriously cant spell.

should be mr 7 inch updated girth 4 7/8 7.25 BPEL 4.75 girth Penis to Height Ratio: 1:8.96

5 1/8 girth 9/21/11