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Hiked Leg Stretch

Hiked Leg Stretch

Though I am not new to PE, I am new to hanging. While hanging, SD (straight down), while standing, using a Captn’s Wench and 6 lbs. I place one foot on the “sink counter area” (33 in. high), while leaving the other foot on the ground. This causes my penis to actually hang against my grounded leg. I recieve an awsome stretch. Anyone ever tried this? I belive what I feel is the stretching of the fundiform ligament since I feel it in my lower abdominal area. Also feels like hair follicle insertion points are burning, in a good way.

Sounds interesting dozer. Question is, how long can you stand there like that? Would this angle be effective if you can only hold it for a minute or two?

Five minutes each leg, could go longer. I lean back against the wall. I like the stretch I get. Pretty sure that feeling will diminish over time. The wife walked in and was like “What the hell is that all about?” while laughing. She does know of my PE ventures/hobby, real supportive. (What women wouldn’t support that?) I have been PEing for about 1 1/2 years, and have had good gains, though I haven’t really kept stats. I would like to point out to all you non-believers, PE does work, and don’t say and preach that it doesn’t until you try it for a year. Thats a year of staying committed and understanding that you may not see gains right away, but they will come. Thats if you don’t do the job half-assed of course. Anyway, this hanging stuff is awsome, wish I would have started this a year ago. OUT!

How about a variation of what your talking about? I like to use Bungi cords and a Bib Hanger SO or SU. It kind of leashes you down for a while but the advantage is that while hooked up you can twist your hips to just about any angle you want from OTL left to OTL right. Then to get some mean lig stretch just push down with your thumb on top of the lig and you’ve got a fulcrum stretch or to the side with the thumb and you’ve got an OTL fulcrum.

Some people don’t like Bungi Cords because you don’t have a gauge to measure weight but you can attach a cloth tape measure to the bungi and stretch it to the same length each time giving the same tension each time. Then if you want to know what weight your pulling is equivalent to just take the Bungi and hang weights on it until it stretches to the same length and you’ve got your pounds. I even went so far as to make a chart of weight vs. length so I can know exactly what weight I’m hanging with, but what you tend to do is not worry so much about what weight your at but how the stretch feels.

What I’ve found is that I can really concentrate on how things feel and if my ligs are fatigued then I can let off until I feel a good stretch or I can lean back and really break things up but I’m not having to adjust dead weights all the time.

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