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High force versus Low force


Great post. There are a lot of other good links within this section to the properties of connective tissue. You might be interested in doing a search.

The text was right on, but there is one thing that may be confusing. The author wrote of weakening within the connective tissues, but I believe he was refering to while the tissues were under stress. Over time, connective tissue under stress will become stronger. This is brought out in many of the links I refered to above.

Also, I agree with T about cooling at room temperature. I do believe it is wise to limit heat to the first half of your sets.



I read through the whole thing, it was really interesting. The part aboukooling down while extended was something I had no idea about before.

So this doesn’t have to do with Jelqing does it? two different subjects? I’ve been PE’ing for only 3 weeks now and all this talk is really helping me understand.. damn am I ever glad I found this board before I wasted hundereds on pills and pumps hehe.

One question, I like to run my member under a tap of hot water for warming up before a session and once during the session.. is this a decent alternative to the hot wrap?

Do they recommend how the temperature should be maintained in the desireable range? What do trainers use?

One foot to go

Cool post

Hmm, as I was reading this thread I was sitting in my room hanging, now i’m about to get up and go finish in the bathroom right next to the sink (sitting ont he toilet) so that I can keep reheating a washcloth to heat for the rest of my time.. and then im going to cool down there as well.

So their basically saying, use weights where you only feel very light stretch and wear that for much longer? Then cool down while its still stretched? Either way, GREAT POST! and i’m heading to the bathroom now :)

What are you guys going to use to heat?

They are talking about low weight being proportionately better. To me this means if I hang 5lb for 20mins it will result in more lengthening than 10lb for 10mins, even though the penis is subjected to the same “force duration”. So if you can only manage to dedicate 1 hour to hanging you should be aiming for the highest weight that you can comfortably handle for that duration. But it makes a good case for using an ADS, in theory if you have an ADS of 2lb for 10hrs it should cause more lengthening than hanging 20lb for 1hr. But that is theory, I would think there is a minimum weight otherwise the weight of the penis itself should be acting like an ADS.

A lot of heating pads or electric blankets only go up to about 35C (102-110F is 39-43C) a 100W heating strip connected to a light dimmer switch could work well, or if you could have a traction wrap made of heat pad material and have a battery in your pocket all day. I think that cooling while stretched would be good for flaccid length too, everybody has experienced shrinkage due to cold weather so maybe this would “train” the penis to stay long even if cold.

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Yeah but the body’s tempature is already at 98.4 degrees so that extra heat from the pads or blankets would be sufficient to increase that area to about 104 degrees, as suggested.


I was reading over this and I think it is very informative for those interested in the heating and cooling theory’s while hanging.

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Great thread, man.

It teaches me a lot.


Originally Posted by hogman

High Force versus Low Force

The amount of stretching achieved by tensile forces is proportional to the amount of force. Also, the corollary that a low force stretching technique requires more time to produce an equal amount of stretching is also true. However, the proportion of tissue lengthening that remains after tensile stress is removed is greater for the low force, long duration method, evidencing its influence on the plastic or viscous elements. High force, short duration stretching favors the recoverable, elastic-type deformation. This principle does not necessarily prohibit the use of high force, prolonged duration stertching, but obviously high force application may generate pain, trigger spasm, and produce tissue rupture.

I consider this information to be very valuable. It seems that one should first choose the amount of “time” that he will hang, then use the heaviest wieght possible that he can hang for the amount of time that he decided upon. I believe that I often gave more attention to the amount of weight, or at least equal attention to both factors. Obviously choosing too heavy of a weight may limit hang time, and therefore one may miss out on the benefit of long duration hanging.

Kojack10, what are your thoughts about heating and cooling when working it in with the above post? Do you think that heat or cooling would have any good/bad effects while hanging, due to this information and the information you have given in your other post? I know some have gained by doing short sets at heavier weights but it just makes sense to me that longer duration at a good amount of tension,pressure,weight,Hg or what ever have you would be the most beneficial to gaining. Take pumping for instance, wouldn’t there be more benefit from pumping at lets say 4Hg for 30 mins than at 5Hg for 20?

Started 5.5 x 4.5 erect Length and Girth Goal 7 x 6.5 erect Length and Girth

Currently 5.9 x 5.5 erect Length,Girth and going !

LilJ76, applying heat before your daily routine is certainly beneficial! Research has proven that the ligs and other connective tissues are more elastic and stretch farther when warmed up. It has been most common for guys to apply heat before and after PE, but some are experimenting with applying heat while hanging or using an extender. I did try using a red heat lamp while hanging. I didn’t continue losing it enough to say that it helped. I would try it again, but it was a bit warm on my skin. I’m planning to try using a small electric heating pad before and during hanging in the near future. I’m planning to use a vac hanger and hang for longer periods than the usual 20 minutes, but I will be using lighter weights under 10 lbs. I plan to hold the heat on for at about two thirds of the hang time for that one period. That brings me to the idea of cooling. I don’t know much about it. I only know that I plan to let my tissues cool to room temperature, and not use a cool pack.

For an example of the added stretch (strain %) while hanging if heat is applied, look for the thread Penile Stress/Strain ……… - I forgot the final word of the title. It was written by mbuc. Oh, I believe that last word of the title is “relationship”.

Guys, I’m sorry for posting back to back, but after reading about cooling I must say that evidence does support the use of a cool pack while the ligament is still under tensile forces.

So, it would be very worthwhile to keep heat on the ligs for most of the haning session, then apply a cool pack for the last 5, 10, or 15 minutes, depending on your hangtime.

Here is an old thread by Hobby regarding permanent elongation of ligaments, applying heat, and a cool pack.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie!

Connective tissue- FIRST “THREAD OF THE YEAR”

By the way, what must I do to post neat little links to other threads here? Oh, it appeared as a neat little link. There’s my answer.

Funny you should mention the use of a cool pack. I’ve incorporated it’s use for a little over a month now. I begin by utilizing a heated jell pack, folded around the shaft behind my hanger, and up against the base of my unit during the entire first couple sets. Then, half-way through my last set, I switch over to a small bag of frozen peas by placing that in the same area for the final ten minutes. After I remove the hanger, I then wrap my entire penis in the bag of peas.

I’m not sure if cooling in the extended state is going to help solidify gains. However, I do feel it is beneficial in reducing swelling and discomfort in the soft tissues. It really does feel good after an intense session.

I’ve averaged a little over 1/8 inch per month over the last three months, netting me another ½ inch in length without the use of ice. I plan on using the ice for the next three months, with the same routine, in order to determine if the ice increases that growth rate.


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