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High exit point, low LOT

High exit point, low LOT

Is it possible to have this combination, as I seem to have a high exit point and a LOT of approx 7:30. Could I gain length by lowering my exit point through BTC hanging, without my LOT being effected? Basically, can length be increased through lowering the exit point regardless of your LOT?

One foot to go

Could question Rushmore.

Im almost in the same boat. Very high exit point and dropping LOT (almost down to 8 now) are starting to get me wondering. I still get a great lig work stretch, I ‘m just wondering if Im wasting my time.

I think that my biggest problem is my balls. My scrotum seems to be supporting my shaft. How about you Rushmore!

Rushmore and Andrew, what is your erection angle?

Andrew, did you experience a tightening of your balls as your dick grew?


Yes my balls are high as well, and when cold my penis rests on top of them instead of hanging down.


My erection angle is about 10:30 at its best.

Maybe Bib could weigh in on this one. Thanks

One foot to go

Interesting. Intuitively, a high exit point and high balls with a high erection angle should all go hand-in-hand. What doesn’t make sense in that package is the high LOT. I hope one of the vets weighs in on this one.

Hey guys,

Erection angle of 12.

My dick also rests on top of my balls when cold…makes for a very disappointing view in the mirror:(

I never really thought about it, but I guess that my balls have tightened as I began to realize gains.

Maybe its time for some scrotum stretching??


If you decide to stretch your scrotum, there are some good exercises which don’t require mechanical ball stretching devices. I’m not sure if they’re on this site or another. Actually, they’re really quite simple.


P.S. The lazy ass stretches seem to have helped shape my scrotum so that my dick juts out away from it.

"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Thanks Horse,

I’d say I will at some point, it’s just not a high priority at this stage.

Damn, now I will never know the answer. Bye Bib.

One foot to go


Sure you will!

Hang BTC and see what happens!!

I’d say that the answer is already here somewhere…just got to find it!

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