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Hi Guys!


Hi Guys!

Long time lurker here with a first post to this surreal, comical, and magical forum. Don’t worry vets/mods I won’t be asking a lot of inane questions. In my months of lurking I believe I’ve read 90% of all of the threads on both peforums/ezboard and thunders. Lots of fabulous info; somebody should gather it all together and write a book.

I’ve been PEing for nearly a year, almost exclusively hanging.

In the beginning I used the home made bib hanger then the modified and then the production starter which is a quantum leap above anything else that I can see.

My gains are about 1.25 in length and 0.25 in base girth.

My routine is hanging BTC 4x20min 5 days a week. Nothing fancy just lots of consistent hangtime.

Here are a few random things I’ve learned and which comes to mind at the moment:

Lycra can be an excellent wrap for the homemade bib hangers, especially if you have loads of thick, loose skin as I do.

ADS after hanging is counterproductive, it may work for you but it sure as heck didn’t for me. I tried it out for about a month wearing it for 6-9 hours/day after hanging and my consistent growth stopped, but once I threw away the ADS I was back to my slow consistent rate of gain.

Some people seem to have no comfort problem at all with hanging; they just slap the sucker on and pile on the weight. It was a different matter for me and I suspect quite a few others out there. It took about 2 months of constant experimentation and adjustments before I became comfortable with hanging. I almost gave up a few times. I found that the following changes improved my hanging experience: wrapping with silver theraband. Before I had tried tshirt material and others. A precise gap for the two adjustment screws that is customized for your particular girth and shape so that pressure is even on both the topside and bottomside of the shaft as well as front to back. An engorged flaccid was more amenable to hanging than a complete flaccid which tended to cause the hanger to slide down and engulf the head.

I still can’t get over the fact that there is a community of men and a few women discussing methods of penile enlargement. How preposterous! Who woulda thunk it? And what a fantastic and empowering tool it is. I think beyond Ebay, beyond email, and beyond instant messaging, this here forum is the world’s greatest byproduct of the internet revolution. Hehehe, now I’m not only rambling but sounding bombastic.

I’ll pipe in when I can contribute a unique question or offer any insight such that I may have.


Welcome aboard!!!

Hey HG,

Glad to have you jump in. Great first post, looking forward to more.

Yes, who would have thunk it. :D I did notice that porn was not in your list of inferior by-products, I guess we will just have to try harder.

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Good job,

I dare say refreshing to know somebody actually gets it. For a moment I was starting to think this shit was more complicated than Einsteins theory of Relativity.

And yes your right someone should write a book about this place. It’s that unreal huh.


I must confess I coerced HG out of lurkdom and into posting. I don’t feel bad. He is an experienced hanger who has worked through problems and made gains. I wanted him to help out other guys. No remorse.

There are a couple other lurkers I have been working on that know what they are doing also.

HG (isn’t that mercury?), it is really good to have you, and I know many will benefit from your expertise.



Welcome and thank you for posting. I have a couple of questions.

Why do you think ADS was detrimental for you?

Have you tried using just lycra or lycra as an underwrap with the production Bib? I have that extra foreskin on the underside that many others have and maybe lycra will help.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

“….My routine is hanging BTC 4x20min….”

Is that 4 in one session or split 2AM/2PM?

I tried doin 3x20 AM and 3x20 PM and it’s too much.

Glad to be here

Thanks for the welcome Thunder, Led, Bib, 2, et al,

As a lurker, I feel like I already know the whole gang, having for months read through all of the various travails and hilarity that is PE.

2in2002: I have no experience with physiology or anatomy so I can’t give you a technical answer about the effect of ADS. However, I did feel subjectively that the shaft and ligament felt less “stretchy” and more inelastic using the ADS. For an hour or so after removing the ADS my flaccid was much better and perhaps on my off days it had a slightly positive effect on flaccid hang, but it definitely stopped growth. Sorry I couldn’t respond more fully.

I haven’t tried lycra with the production Bib since the silver theraband does an excellent job. If you have discomfort due to wrap, my advice would be to get yourself three or four different kinds of fabrics/materials and experiment. No other way around it; gotta keep making adjustments until you find what works. Not just different wraps but different amount of overlap as you wind the material around the shaft, a different starting point for the wrap on the shaft, different underlayer with a two wrap system: you get the idea. No wonder it took two months for me to get comfortable!

Hang10: Yes, 4 in one session. The key is to feel that dull “toothache” (as another hanger described it) fatigue. Maybe in the early weeks of hanging one can feel that fatigue in just two sets, but as you progress, I think you will find that you need a minimum of three continuous sets and maybe much more. You didn’t say how long you’ve been hanging, but I bet if you do it 5-6 days a week for 6+ months you’ll be able to handle 3x20 twice a day. I would do something like that, but my schedule precludes it.


Hey Hairyguy,

How long were you hanging before adding that fourth set?

I’ve been hanging 3/ 20min. sets daily for two months and tried adding a fourth set after reading your post. I had to bail after about two minutes.


I was hanging for about 3 months before I did four sets, but a lot of that time was trying to work through pinched skin, hanger sliding over the head and bruising of the tip of the head, switching between hanger types and making further adjustments. Much of the time I was hanging through major discomfort. Had I been comfortable right away and started with the production bib hanger I could have raised the number of sets and the weight much faster.

If you cannot hang a fourth set due to fatigue of the tissues (and not discomfort from pinched skin, the burn of skin stretch or whatnot) AND you are making gains with your current number of sets then as they say, “Don’t fix what ain’t broke.” IMHO. I think your body’s telling you that the current level of stress is appropriate.

There’s no need to rush or compare weights and # of sets with other hangers. All you have to do is listen to the fatigue level in your shaft and ligaments.


I love this guy. Well said HG.


Hey Nick7,

I’ll bet you can get that 4th set in if you drop the weight a couple of pounds. Hanging in a fatigued state is IMHO where you get gains. Of course, you have to listen to your body. However, I am hanging 12 - 20 minute sets a day and quite often am tempted to quit after 6. I just lower the weight and keep on keepin on.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks HairyGuy,

I’ve got about 3 months of hanging. Broken up into 3 1 month sessions. I stopped and started because of other distractions. It wasn’t until I started the 3rd time though (about a month ago) that I finally got the wrapping part done correctly. This week I upped my weight to 13 pounds.

The reason I asked is if sets where done all at once is the 3 sets twice a day were too much. I wanted to hang all sets together so I’d have a longer period of recovery bewtween hanging sessions and that does seem to help.

This week I did another thing different, Day 1 I did 6 sets at once, Day 2 I could only do 3, Day 3 I managed to do 6 again, Day 4 I had to take off.

What interested me was 4 sets a day worked for you and might just work for me. Trying to squeeze in 6 sets a day either split or all at once is too much. doing them all at once does seem to help. Maybe 4 is my magic number just like it was for you.



You said often you’re tempted to quit after six. Is six the point you begin reducing weight or gradually from the first?

If I did 12 sets gradually reducing weight, I’d have to take the S hook off the hanger for the last set.


I also hang a lot of sets every day like JT, except I don’t count them- no sense in keeping track if no one else will be able to devote this much time to it. I just start hanging in the morning and stop in the evening. The number depends on whether I have Physical Therapy that day, or if I sleep in- but my weapon pretty much has something hanging from it all the time :)

I was fortunate that I started hanging after doing a ton of research and deciding to hang as my form of PE. I spent a few days trying jelqing and stuff, but that was just until my Bib got here. So I think my advantage in hanging is I started as a newbie. My max weight is still only 7 lbs and my ligs are pretty much sore all the time. I am still stretching skin though- definitely a limiting factor when adding weight :(

I will go down as low as 1 or 2 lbs some days if my ligs are tired- but this usually isn’t until around 7 PM or so. So, yes, I hang all the way down to the S hook sometimes- usually when I am doing housekeeping crap or laundry.

I am gaining pretty good, but at some point I will hit a plateau like everyone else (whether it be a physical or mental plateau) and need to do something else. HGs’ method may be a way for those in a rut to break through to the next level, as no one ever said that 3 sets is ABSOLUTELY the best routine for everyone- it is a guide. I think if a few guys go to 4 sets and experiment we are gonna see some breakthroughs. Just my 2 cents :)

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'


Good point, why count if you’re at it all day. Interesting that you’re still stretching skin with all the time you put in. This could be the novice coming out in me but I found difficulty with stretching skin the first month only. I complained about it and a few guys here reassured me the ligs will assume the stress once the skin stretches.

I say novice because it’s only my second month and maybe there will be more skin stretch issues down the road. I did however find relief when using coccoa butter between sets.

You’re doing something right because you’re last paragraph begins “I am gaining pretty good, but”

That’s all that matters.

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