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Hi Guys!



I am still a newbie- coming up on the end of my first month very soon. Although with all this time in the hanger I sure don’t feel all that new to this :)

I also use cocoa butter and lanolin both during and between sets. See my post on new wrapping method in the Main Forum.

"...its' natural environment is in the hole, so why don't you send him home. His bags are packed, he's got his airplane tickets- bring him to the airport...send him home."

From: 'Happy Gilmore'

You should notice that the first day after your rest day(s) is the time when it is relatively easier to hang your max for more sets. The next day you feel more fatigue, and so on until the fifth or sixth consecutive hanging day of your weekly schedule when perhaps you can do your max weight for only half or one full set before lowering weight. If on the fifth or sixth consecutive day you are hanging most or all of your sets at your max, then you should think about moving up 1 or 2.5 pounds.
While I generally stick to four sets/day, the number of sets hanging at the max weight differs from day to day.

Bib: Thanks, I was just restating the collective wisdom of the senior hangers.


Hairy Guy,

I finished my “new” routine this week along the lines of your success. I hung 4 sets per day, I cheated on the 5th day I did 5. On Day 5 I did have to lower my weights. :)

I think I found my “groove” Trying to squeeze in 6 sets a day was just too much, your 4 sets a day works great for me. I had my 2 rest days and tonight I go back to start the next week.

Another couple adjustments, after hanging I soak my penis still wrapped in a cup of witch hazel that I keep in the refrigirator. The theory is to keep any bruising from hanging to a minimum and I also started doing BiBs wrap for discoloration for 3-4 hours a day.

I have a feeling that besides helping for discoloration it also helps keep the penis in a longer state so when the healing starts to happen so that it helps lock in those gains.

All in all my penis feels healthier and I get a good flacid hang. a definate improvement over the 6 sets a day I was doing.

Thanks again.

hang time/weight

I have been hanging 3 months with a homemade bib knockoff. It looks like the gray conduit model on here somewhere. I hang 19 1/2 pound BTC. I can only stand 20 min. I unwrap and rest. The question is I can’t do 19 1/2 again for more than 5 min. I drop down to 16 1/2 and I can get through it. Do you think this is enough weight? Would a BIB hanger be painless? I have gained app. 1 1/4-1/ 1/2” in this time. I pump a little between sets. I have a homemade tube if anyone cares to see it or the hanger, I will post pics, if you like. Cost of tube is $3-4. I use a automotive hand vacuum tester from AutoZone it is an Actron, same as the pump people sell. It is brass and cost $40.00. I made a resevoir for water pumping from a miracle whip jar, two fittings in lid, one in from tube,one out to pump. I hang 3x20 morn and eve. I loose pump almost immediately after pulling tube off. I pack 2” i.d. tube to 7” on a good day. I am going for 9”x6.5”. IT’S WORKING, IT’S WORKING!!! Thanks Thunder!!

Hey bouttime,

Go ahead and post pics if you want to. But, put the pump pics and information in the Pumper’s Forum.

Are you experiencing pain at 19 1/2 pounds?? If it is a struggle to get through a set with that much weight, why not drop down a little on your first set also? Sounds like you are seeing some great gains. Just be careful and remember, you are supposed to be “comfortable” during a set. Not surviving torture.

Congrats on the gains!!

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It does hurt a lot. If it wasn’t working, there is no way I would stand it. But, I will do what it takes, as long as I don’t hurt myself. When it hurts too bad, I stop, pumping or hanging. I have pumped 10” for short periods, too much fluid build up. You are right, some of this should go on “Pumping”


Good for you!

I find that hanging is about constantly being in tune with your body and making adjustments as you progress.



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