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Hey Bib Question for you on "the Bib"

Hey Bib Question for you on "the Bib"

I have read most all I can get my hands on for info on using your bib. Mine is on the way to me now. What do you recommend for begining weights?

And I have access to a lead smelter what increments of weight should I make for my new regimen?

Thanks in advance

I owe all of my gains to Bib, Thunder & DLD.

Thank you just dosent seem to cover it.

I'll be forever indebted to Them!!


>What do you recommend for begining weights? <

When just learning, maybe two lbs to start. If you feel nothing, you can move up a couple lbs. After that, everyone is different. Some continue moving up quickly, and some stay at very low weights. It all depends on what your body is telling you.


Yea listen to what he said. Try very light like 2.5 (I used that because I use weight plates for barbells from Wal-Mart in 2.5, 5lb, and 10lb increments. You can hang anywhere from 2.5lbs to 17.5lbs with just three plates!) at first then if you feel you need to move up do so slowly. I started hanging…my first attempt anyway was after doing much digging around on the internet….I stumbled onto a picture of some tribesman with a piece of cloth tied to his penis with a rock hanging from the end of it. I said hmm, ok cut a piece of cloth from an old shirt…a 5lb dumb bell and tied it all to my dick. Was incredibly uncomfortable but, being the thickheaded jackass I can be…I gritted my teeth untill I could tolerate the weight. I actually hung like that for a couple weeks for about 30 minutes a night. THANK GOODNESS I found the pe forum before I hurt myself!! I later on made a BIB of my own (the basic model from flexible hose) and continued hanging off and on. Got about 1/2” gain in erect length. I moved up pretty rapidly I think in weight from the 5lbs over maybe 3 months I was up to 17.5lbs. The way I personally move up in weight is I start at a given weight level, let’s say 5lbs..and I begin hanging it while standing. Once I can no longer feel any kind of stretch…in other words it feels like you have barely anything on there…standing…I move to sitting with the weight between the cheeks (ass cheeks). Once I no longer get any kind of stretch in that position, I will bump it up 2.5lbs and again starting standing. The progresion for me…when I was hanging last anyway…from standing to sitting usually took a week sometimes two weeks. I cant wait to start hanging again!!

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