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Hey Bib: Hanger Position Question

Hey Bib: Hanger Position Question


First off, let me congratulate you on a great product. Being an engineer, I’m very impressed at the theory and design involved in your product. Now that I have it, and have thoroughly researched the threads (as best as I can tell), I have just one question for you.

When the hanger is attached (with Theraband wrap), It moves up very close to the head, on or about the glans. I feel no discomfort on the glans/head, and I’m fairly certain I’m getting grip over a large portion of the shaft. The only burn I feel is in the lig area. I do feel pressure just behind the head on the top side of my penis. I was just wondering if this is the position the hanger naturally slides into. I know you’re not supposed to support the weight from the glans/head area, and just wanted to see if you think I have a good or bad position with the hanger. The head gets a little purple and a little cool, but I constantly monitor it, and color/warmth resume to the proper states within seconds of removal of the hanger. Am I on the right track?



Are you cut or uncut? The reason I ask is that a way more seasoned and knowledgeable person can factor that into a good response for you. I also assume you have the production hanger model and not the shorter but equally well loved starter model? Which position are you hanging with? Examples would be BTC, SO, etc…. What does the teeth look like on the side edge of the hanger (Joint)? If it is in V or an upside down V more? This denotes how the gap settings are set.

The careful monitoring is good and the quick return sounds like you are on the right track at the end of the hanger.

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Sounds like you’re doing fine. The hanger will move toward the head as the weight is applied and the tissues “bunch” in front of it. With heavier weights the sides of the head will also support part of the load, though the internals of the shaft should take the brunt of it.

The head turning slightly darker and cooler during a set is normal. You’re doing a good job keeping an eye on it. Sounds like a typical hanging session.

How much pressure behind the head? Is the top bolt pressing into the shaft? If so, try placing your penis lower in the hanger.

Make sure the bottom gap is wider than the top. When adjusted correctly, the top teeth should be close together when fully tightened.

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Thanks for the replys, fellas. I do have my unit low enough in the hanger. The teeth interlock, and the smoother section in the middle of the hanger is placing pressure continuously along the shaft. I have space on top—I can touch the top of my unit just behind the head when the hanger is on. The pressure I describe behind the head is due to the end of the hanger being right behind the head, with the wrap just starting to go over onto the head 1/8” or so. I am cut, and using the regular Bib Hanger, with a Theraband wrap. I am using “toe-out” (I think) setting—-bottom gap’s wider. I am hanging BTC, because you just can’t deny the burn you get with that position. I’m thinking of doing sessions 1/2 btc, and 1/2 upward to target the tunica. I’ve been doing the 1st set with 2 1/2 lbs (just for the 1st week or two), with the 2nd set being 5 lbs. 2-10 minute sets at each weight, with short breaks. There’s an obvious burn, and soreness is gone the next day. No spots or fluid buildup.

I’m wondering, though: how do you guys personally structure a routine around soreness. I know rest is important, because that’s when the healing occurs, so I’m thinking I’ll go every day with a day or two break every week if I’m never sore on the days after. If soreness lingers to the following days, maybe I’ll take those days off and resume. What do you guys do?

Thanks a bunch for the help. Oh yeah, and that 7.3M video is worth it’s weight in gold. I screwed around with the hanger and wrap 2 or 3 times, then I watched the video, and put it all right on!!!

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Originally Posted by DeViz

I am using “toe-out” (I think) setting—-bottom gap’s wider.

Just for clarity, the toe-out setting is that the bottom gap is wider at the glans end of the hanger as compared to the base end of the hanger and not that the bottom gap is wider than the top. Sounds like you’re off to a great hanging career DeViz :)

>I’m wondering, though: how do you guys personally structure a routine around soreness.<

Fatigue builds with consecutive hanging days, so I try to hang as many days in a row as possible. Taking a day or two off usually allows the tissues to recover more than I like. Then time is wasted getting back to where I left off. I’m usually working to become adequately fatigued, not battling too much soreness. This wasn’t the case recently.

I briefly resumed hanging BTC after a long time away from it and found my ligs got pretty sore after a few days. Surprised me. And the soreness persisted for days after I stopped hanging. So, the degree of fatigue and its half life vary. Had I been able to continue (a bad vein acted up), I would have reduced the weight and sets but still tried to hang each day. Ride the fatigue, just don’t go overboard. Rest when you need to, but don’t rest just for the hell of it.

OK, I’ll play it accordingly: rest for regrowth, but not too long to hinder progress. Thanks for the help, boys.

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