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Hey Bib, a few quick questions


I was thinking of the ligs that run up the shaft. I thought they ran the length of the shaft, up to the head. Incorrect?


> I was thinking of the ligs that run up the shaft. I thought they ran the length of the shaft, up to the head. Incorrect? <

No. I am a little above the norm. My furthest ligs attach about 2-3 inches from the head. As I understand it from past threads, most guys attach closer to the base than the head.

For me, it is fairly easy to find the fascia (attachment) and it may work for you. After sex, masturbation, or a prolonged girth routine, palpate your shaft when flaccid. You should be able to feel some thicker areas along the shaft between the skin and tunica. These are probably your fascia.

Then, you should be able to feel the lig bundles under the skin running up the shaft and attaching at the fascia. When you stretch straight out, you can probably notice the ‘fan’ of ligs at the base. You can actually grasp the lig bundles there, and follow them to the attachment point on the shaft, except where they go into the scrotum.




How will knowing where our ligs attach on the shaft help us hangers?

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>How will knowing where our ligs attach on the shaft help us hangers?<

Umm. I don’t know.


I have been hanging with the bib hanger for close to a 18 months now. Recently I took about two months off to experiment with the Blasters and A stretch.

For me the most effective application of manual stretching and hanging seems to be back to back. For example doing a DLD/ Blaster routine then transitioning directly into a hanging sessions.The hanging is supplemented with kegels and reverse kegels similiar to a manual stretch session. One varitation I use is to swing the weight from side to side and back and forth while hanging as well.

I tried manual stretching with the original bib hanger and I like the feel alot. The only draw back is that I get a little initial skin stretch until the internal structure “grip ” kicks in. Overall the feel is better than the grip I get with my hand and the attachment point seems safer with the front of the bib hanger positioned a good inch behind the gland. As Bigger previously discussed it seems my lig attachment point is fairly low on my penis just at the back side (edge) of the hanger.

Obviously the newer version of the DLD blasters incorporating the 360 twist isn’t an option however these can be done quite effectively prior to hanging to really enhance the hang stretch.

I’ll try the starter model over the weekend and let you know how that feels.


Ledzep, look forward to hearing your thoughts.

To all,
Isn’t there something that just seems “right” about combining the wonderful teachings from the legends of Bigger and DLD?!

Both you guys are such great gifts to the PE world. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us!!!

And as always, to Thunder for providing this great vehicle!!!

Basking in the love-fest of the PE brotherhood!

bib starter vs. orginal

I got a chance to try the the starter model for stretching and it appears to provide an equal or better grip for manual stretching.

The only issue I had; and for me it was a fairly big deal was that at the degree of erection I usually hang (up to 40-50 percent), the top bolt was too uncomfortable. It rubbed against the top of my penis too much. I’m thinking this equipment would be ideal for girth up to 5.25 maybe 5.5 on the outside.

The thing I really liked about the original model bib hanger was that it griped a greater surface area and provided a secure and comfortable grip while pulling.

Bump,There is gold in these older threads. I was searching on combining the bundled strectches with my hanging,if any of you guys do these in their hanging routine I would like to hear your results.


Good job on the bump CAJ! if it wasn’t for you I would probably had never stumbled upon this.

Your welcome,Inamo. I’m a history buff,what can I say. :)

P.S. When I stretch manually it is always toe-out:)



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