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Here is an idea for suspending the weight

Here is an idea for suspending the weight

Here is what I’ve done to suspend weights in case you don’t have a better idea. I just used some schedule 40 pvc and using a propane torch, heated the ends and formed them. The one end I flared by jamming the head of a bolt in after it was softened from the heat. On the other end, I squashed in the vice and trimmed with tin snips while it was soft. It’s pretty easy to change weights with this set up. :)

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Very nice job.

Nice piece of work Springer!

One question:
When you jammed the head of the bolt to flare one end did you send it in threaded end first?

I held the bolt by the threads and pushed it in. The pvc is very soft when it’s heated so I just wore leather gloves and pushed them together.

Nice job Springer.
Just keep a close eye on it over time and at heavier weights as when you put enough force on PVC, it tends to shatter with out any warning, and that could end in tears!

Excellent idea though. Thick walled copper tube (as used in gas installations) would be better, although obviously much, much harder to make.

That true about it getting brittle but it will probably be safe foe a long while since it’s not exposed to UV. I should probably make one out of the gray pvc that’s uv resistant just to be safe though. Good thinking.

What I do, I have a strong string and then trie the string to a bolt right in the middle. To put the weights in I thread the weights through the bolt. When you lift it however the bolt holds the weights.

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