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Hemroid -- ouch!!

Hemroid -- ouch!!

Hey guys!

This could be the dumbest question asked here,but I’m not too shy and new to PEing and hanging. I’ve Been Jelqing about 2 months and just hanging about 3 weeks. I’m at 7.5 lbs right now. Here’s my problem.. About a 2 weeks ago I started hanging and doing kegels and reverse kegels at the same time. (I also lift weights regularly.) Within the last week I’ve noticed I have a hemroid, just inside my anus. ( not bleeding yet) This thing hurts pretty good when I pee really hard (like a reverse Kegel) and of course when you go #2. Anybody think this could have developed from over doing it with the hanging and the kegel/reverse kegels together??????


I have never heard of this, but I suppose it is possible.


I would assume that it’s possible, but not probable…….’roids are caused usually by prolonged sitting or standing or undue stress in that region.

Some cultures refer to them as “speed bumps” (piss poor joke)

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

You’re probably pushing too hard while doing the reverse Kegel. The reverse Kegel is more of a relaxation of the muscle and not necessarily a forceful movement.

No speed bumps here Budd, I’m from the south - but not that far south. That makes sense, my job is sitting in front of a computer on my duff all day staring at a computer.

Your idea seems reasonable as well, might be a combination of both scenerios. I have been pretty agressive with the reverse kegels while hanging.

Thanks guys- always good to get different viewpoints.

I am glad you said that Westla. It helps me, because I haven’t mastered it and want to. I am going to take each opportunity to urinate and sit down and try to steadily pressurize (not greatly) my urine flow by a reverse kegel. Hopefully this way I can get accustomed to the feeling and spontaneously do it. I guess I’ll try the start-stop-start-stop alternating routine.


More anatomy

There are several muscles in the male pelvis that lie close together, yet have little to do with Dr. Kegel’s exercise. The original purpose was for women to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles and prevent urine leakage. It progressed to being an aid to better sex and then progressed to men. Since we have different anatomies, the way to find the muscle is a bit different than with women.

The urethra (urine tube from the bladder to the outside) in women is very short, right up front, and surrounded (at a slight distance) by the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). Telling a woman to start and stop her urine flow is a good way for her to find that muscle. The urethra in men is quite a bit longer and the sphincter that controls urine flow is in a different place than the muscle that causes the penis to “jump” under conscious control (more about this in our upcoming article on anatomy/erection/ejaculation). It really takes very little effort to stop your urine flow. You don’t have to clamp down hard. The next time you urinate, try to very gently stop the flow. It’s almost automatic. But doing that won’t help you find the right muscle to relax during a reverse Kegel.

The point of doing the reverse Kegel is to allow the muscles to relax so your hanging, manual stretching or pumping can work better at stretching the tissues and ligaments without interference and “back pull” by the muscles. To see how that relaxation feels, do this: After all the urine is out of your bladder see if you can push out a little more. The feeling is of a slight increase in lower abdominal pressure. You don’t have to strain. Just increase the lower abdominal pressure a bit. Now do it while inhaling. If you can create that slight amount of relaxation/increased lower abdominal pressure while breathing in, then you won’t be using your diaphragm to increase the pressure too much. This can happen when you hold your breath. So breathing in at the same time as you gently try to force out more urine will provide the sensations you need to feel during the reverse Kegel.

If you want to get rid of the hemorrhoid without the hassle do this, Try not to strain when doing your #2’s try to ease it out…Eat high fiber and more veggies or just don’t put too much trash into your system. It’s the sitting causing this of course, blood needs to travel man…I developed one about a month ago, painful when I went to use the can and it was a big ol’ bump right in there near the anus. Funny thing how I got rid of it after looking up all this crap ( and it was pretty expensive crap ) online on how to remove it.

Anyways, I was talking with this woman and she was telling me how her hubby grew a bigger dingy jerking off with cocoa butter. I figured it to be b.s. figuring she said her hubby is 10” from just wacking his monkey plus the butter, but sure enough the next day when I went out I bought some for my PE routine. Next thing I knew when my hemmy started to act up after doing the whole bathroom thing something in my head told me to apply some Cocoa butter back there. A day or two later the hemorrhoid was gone. Ha, cocoa butter! Who would’ve thought it; the product I would’ve paid for to get rid of it would have cost me over $200.

Make sure you clean up real good before applying some :)

The brand I bought was “Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula” with Vitamin E

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