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i am very confused on strecthing and would like some advice.Manual strecthes or bib hanger?can i really getgood results from manual strecthes or should i just go for the gusto and get the bib?i dont want to spend my workout outs on exercises that dont work so any feed back is appretiated.also, how safe are the bib hangers andwhat are ais strecthes?

Good place to post this :D Just a guess but I’d say the majority of answers will favour hanging.

Manual stretching works just fine. DLD is a good example of this going from around 6.5” to 10” from manual stretching. Bib is a good example for hanging, with similarly large gains.

The Bib hanger is an extremely safe device and if you are considering hanging it should be top of your shopping list.

Do you mean the JAI stretch?


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