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hi there guys,

well a couple of days ago a friend of mine told me that i could see how to do a traction wraping in this site he said try lil1 videos but it seems that i cant open it, could anyone help me pls, i really wanna see that vid. or maybe someone could teach me with some ilustrations pic, pls. thanks.

do you have the latest version of shockwave? I remember thunder mentioning you need an up to date version.


hi there

thanks for the reply , no i dont have that thing, well i do log on to the macromedia .com but when i want to install the write that i need to buy the disc before i could install, i think the vid is free, does it?. well could u help me, giving explanation to me or mayba your pic while doin traction?. thanks

Thats a couple of minutes with a cable modem ;)

nice catch thunder, how do you do that (catch threads that I seem to miss).


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