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Hi, guys.

Most of you know me. I am a vet and a mod. I have been doing manual exercises for 6 years now. I also have experience in pumping, but don’t know much about hanging, which I never tried.

I am planning to buy Bib’s Hanger. There are two versions, regular and starter. Which one do you recommend? I have no idea what each one is for.

My erect size is 7 bp x 5.5. Does it help?



You are just about my size and I selected the starter. I really haven’t gotten into using it yet, but even the starter seems pretty huge to me, so I can’t imagine getting the regular which is even bigger.

I’m about the same size and I bought the regular Bib. I have not had any problems and from what I have read you can hang more weight with the regular Bib than the Bib starter. If you start with the starter Bib you will have to buy the regular Bib later when you are ready to move up in weight.


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