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Something occured that I never had before: I didnt change my routin but listen up: after 3 minutes of hangtime my skin at the glans, and the glans start to itch (not painful itch but nasty itch) that makes me wanting to scratch every sek. And it makes me go insane. It’s much horrible than any kind of pain!! I’m not able to hang longer than 5 minutes right now. I trieded to go on finding myself screaming and shouting the worst word ever created, and wanting to kill everybody.



Sounds like there was too much pressure on the glans. There are many reasons this could happen, wrap too tight, hanger too close to the glans, too much blood in the glans, not enough warm up, twisting in the hanger etc.

The main thing is that when something like this happens, TAKE THE GOD DAMN HANGER OFF!!!!! Then look at your set up, look at the wrap, where the hanger was positioned and all that stuff. Change something, then try again.

BTW what is the worst word ever created?


LG, no don’t say it, its too horrible to repeat!

Lost guitar-

What type hanging device are you using?

"God is dead"-Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead"-God

Originally Posted by SS4Jelq
BTW what is the worst word ever created?

Whatever it was I bet it was made up by Notorious-D :)

Itching is what you feel during the healing process. I think you have stretched the skin too much this time and have torn tissue severely.

Please memorize the newbie forum. Excellent information there.

There are two schools of thought on cell growth:
1. Micro-tears happen in the stressed tissue during the stress (jelq, hang, pump etc.) time and must heal.
2. The cells are in traction long enough so they divide and expand.

My personal favorite is #2 as the most healthy. However, I think you definitely damaged something this time. It’ll take about 5 days to heal, so “gently gently” goes the saying.

Also, there is a nerve bundle at the top of the shaft, just behind the glans helmet that may have been “mashed” (like potatoes) by your hanger??? Something to check out, like NOW.

His avaricious and ubiquitous desire for hanging left no room for eleemosynary action.
So there.

Well! Here it is.

The worst word ever created!!!


Hope it didn’t shock you too much.

Fist of all: thanks for help,
Second: I made a mistake, cause it should have been: “the worst word’S’ ever created”

Sorry, but I forgot the ‘S’


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