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I wanted to start getting into hanging…thing is…I can only hang for 5 minutes at a time because my head starts to get cold…well tonite I hung for 5 minutes…took it off…got the blood flowing again….and hung for another 5 minutes…thing is this time when I took it off….I have a black dot (bump) on my shaft….it looks like a bruise…

any have this problem before? and what can I do to prevent it from happening…

I dont have a bib hanger or anything like that…I went cheap and used an exsisting ball stretched that I have…

I used tissue around my cock for comfort and wrapped the ball stretched around it….and hung one of my boots off of it…the boot only weighs 1.5 pounds so I dont know what the problem is


If your going to hang, I suggest you either purchase a hanger or build one. There are build your own plans for both Tom Hubbard’s AFB hanger as well as Bigger’s Bib Hanger.

Read the Bib Hanger’s guide even if you don’t purchase it for some really nice “UNIVERSAL” tips to hanging too.

Does this ball stretcher that you made into a hanger use a noose like set up around the head also? If so that is very bad.

Just use a search feature to find the AFB hanger as well as the Bib.

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