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help with a wrap

help with a wrap

Hey i need some help i’ve been searching for a little while and i have come up wiht nothing. Anyways I started hanging golf weights as an all day thing, the wrap i am using is an ace bandage. I tried the wraps bib showed in the illustation its just that It either falls off or is to tight and my glans become cold fast. I cannot find the HTW so that is out, is there any other way to do a wrap? Also right now i cannot afford anything else expensive like a vac extender thing or anything like that so I am pretty much stuck with ace wraps or theraband wraps. Oh and I am circumsized if it matters.

The Ace bandage thing should work fine. Don’t get discouraged. Keep trying. When you hit the right amount of compression you’ll find very comfortable wearing times. The only time you will be in trouble with too tight a wrap is when your glan swells. If it gets cold that’s actually OK. It might even turn a little purple but I’ve been doing this for years now and the only time I worry is when my glan begins to ache. You’ll get the feeling for how it’s going after while. One thing to remember is that when it gets uncomfortable there really is no sense in thinking that it will get better, It Won’t. Just unwrap and let it rest for a hour and then load up again. Practice Practice Practice

Soon you’ll find yourself forgetting you’ve got them on.

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