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Does everyone get a different length when they measure straight out versus at a lower angle? I get different measurements (about a half inch) and was wondering if this was the norm. For example while seated measure pulling parallel to your legs vs. at a higher angle. I had the lengthening surgery so this may be a factor since you do lose erection angle… but so do most gainers. I was wondering why this would be the case (possibly something else comes into play at the higher angle) and wether I am gaining primarily at the lower angle because I hang & stretch at lower angles. Of course this would prompt me to do some straight out hanging and stretching.

I also strongly believe that I’ve started gaining by hanging and using an ads at night. I hang with the bib and use the gripsystem ads which is basically a really thick condom with a hook for the weight or pulley. It stays on by creating a small vacum and being so snug. I wear it at night after hanging.

Thanks for the help. Its hard to form a hypothesis with one guinea pig.


I have never noticed this before, and now, my ligs are completely stretched out.

My guess was that after the surgery and hanging, his ligs have a lot more give in them, while still holding the inner shaft toward the body. When he presses down on his erection, the ligs are stretched a little, and some more penis is expressed.

What does everyone else think?


Biginmiami, Do you know what your current Lot is ?

You had the surgery in June, from what I understand , it takes a year for the incisions to fully heal.

Do you wear The Grip to bed ?

Interesting,I will see and give a report later.


I’m not certain as to what method of measuring we’re talking about here. Note:

>while seated measure pulling parallel to your legs vs. at a higher angle<

The key word here being “pulling”.
You then mention erection angle —Are you talking about a flaccid stretch or an erect measurement?
I too can get a different reading between the two positions you describe but that is when I’m erect and measuring NON-bone pressed.
BTW- no surgery here.


Bigger, I think your right since there’s a stretching feeling at the end when I angle lower which disappears straight out… it just comes to a complete stop. I also get a big difference in measurements when my legs are open vs. closed. Like when your seated and you legs are facing out vs. in close to your body. I may have too much free time on my hands!

Johnny, my lot is like 7… it hasnt changed with hanging since the surgery. While this would imply I should hit higher angles because of the surgery I’m still working the ligs. Its basically why I’m asking this question since I not sure whether I should work the higher angles for symmetry. Yes I wear it to bed… I have a pulley mechanism which I attach to my knee and it keeps the tension… its not bad because it lets you move around. I’m sure this setup can be built pretty easily.

Cap, I get the difference both erect and flaccid and BP and NBP. But by pulling I was referring to a flacid stretch.

Thanks for your help…


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