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Help me get into hanging?

Help me get into hanging?


I would like to get some sort of hanging device going.
I’ve been jelqing and stretching for a while now, I will get results but I want to try hanging for a while too.

Whats the best/most popular way to make a hanger and could someone help me do so?


See the sticky thread at the top of this forum for some designs. I’d probably go for a modified AFB (dig up posts about Piet’s hangers for some ideas), though others like the Wench. Neither is expensive to make.

Vacuum hangers have been in vogue recently, but the silicone sleeves aren’t being sold separately. I hope Howard has good results with his homemade sleeve experiment.

Well from your size I would say that you don’t need much length or girth. Get to long and you could tap her cervix which most women find painful. (like being punched in the stomach).

I would consider myself a vet on hanging. It is the most painful, most uncomfortable PE workout. It kills your head and will weaken your erections. I hung everyday for about six months and got .75 inches. I didn’t cement my gains and ended up with a little under .75 total gain.

To hang and get gains takes pain. No days off. Your ligaments on your dick have to ache 7 days week. Also most hangers erection level won’t point up in the air as much as it did before you started hanging. If my erection was at 2 o’clock before I started I would say it is now at 3 o’clock or at least 2:30. I’m not saying you shouldn’t hang but most hangers don’t start off at 7.75 bone pressed. I am very happy with my length gains I got because it took me out of the average length and put me above average.

I am 7.75 bone pressed and I don’t want any more gain. But sadly I have only around 5 inches girth. I am now a full time clamper.

If I had your stats I would just work on the strengthening exercises. Jelqing, Kegels, and manual stretches. But I think I read in another thread where you said your girl couldn’t take anymore girth so I see why you want length.

I used the Bib hanger starter. I don’t know if they are still in production. I haven’t really checked out any of the hanger threads in sometime so I am not up to date on them. Good luck you lucky SOB. 7.75 x 5.75!


You mentioned you are no longer hanging, correct?

Would you be interested in selling your bib starter?

If so, PM me


Iamhere likes to Hang Heavy use Monty's PE Weights, Jelq and Clamp

Before 5.5 NBPEL ; 6 BPEL

Current 6 NBPEL ; 7 1/4 BPEL ; 5.75 EG

Crap thal, sorry to hear that. I suffered no ill effects from hanging at all and gained one inch from it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I already hit her cervix, I think.
Though she gets a sort of pleasure out of it being hit in a certain way.

She can’t handle that much more girth because I tried after a session the other day and was at about 6.25” base and about 6” mid. Felt like I was fuckin a virgin ALL over again.
I’m still going to try and gain girth though because I can get her used to it.

I think I’ll try the BIB, U can actually buy them right??

Thal’s right about the necessity for routine consistency except if you use an ADS between your hanging sessions. This is the real secret to long term light hanging.

Although I do experience ligament tenderness regularly it is not bothersome. With the use of an ADS you won’t have to worry about missed sessions or sporadic hanging routines. I had privacy problems that sometimes meant that I might only be able to hang 3 days a week but when I did a data base of my gains I found that it didn’t matter how often I hung but over the long run the number so sessions I had made gains for me regardless of routine. What I mean by that is that 20 sessions amounted to X amount of gain. It didn’t matter if those 20 sessions were over a 2 week period or a month. 20 sessions gave X gain. I’m sure if you took this to the extreme and hung daily for hours the principle would be hampered by physiological growth limitations, but I think you get the idea here.

I would start with an ADS and begin with very low weights and exhaust the gains you can get from them alone and then progress to the Bib when you need more weight.

There just isn’t any sense to hanging really heavy weights (20 to 30lbs) if you don’t have to. I’m still hanging in the 9 to 14lb range after 2 1/2 years and still gaining. I’ve managed to keep the weights down due to an ADS daily for several hours. The reason an ADS works is that it keeps the ligs from healing between sessions which toughens the ligs and tends to heal them back to a normal or original length. This is a normal body function that we need to combat for gains.

There are dietary supplements that can aid in gains as well. An aspirin a day is a good principle. Helps reduce healing speed. Vinegar is another one (I like pickle brine) Helps soften cartilage.

So your hanging career is just beginning but it will be an exciting one. Much to learn about how your body will react. Some heal very fast and others very slowly. Both will gain at different rates. The fast healer will have to be more diligent at his routine. In PE is doesn’t pay to be extremely healthy and have a pumped up immune system because it can lead to a plateau if you lower your guard to the healing process.

Just try to as consistent as you can.

Rambling. Sorry

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Yes, you can buy the BIB. My husband’s starter arrived last week. It’s a pretty impressive piece of equipment.

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