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HELP!!! Confused w/ many probs

HELP!!! Confused w/ many probs

Hello. I have been trying to hang and am getting frusturated like many others. I have spent hours, trying to read and modify. My main problems are: TWISTING, slipping, discoloration. I can’t stop twisting, I have tried different settings (toe in and out) and experimented w/ theraband and t shirt wraps at different lengths (12,1.5 and 15,1.5). I DONT understand the wrapping over the head concept that has worked well for others in other posts (I need things explained in great detail). Another thing is everyone is saying experiment w/ tightness. i have found that if it’s too loose it will just pull the skin or slip off. if it’s tight enough to hand, a portion of my head will be a disgusting shade of purple by the end of a 15/20 minute set. All of this is so frusturating, and i know there have been millions of posts addressing these issues, but none of them have worked for me, or haven’t been expained in great enough detail, especially the damn twisting——normally my penis twist 90 degrees w/ 5 lbs on. it twist inside the hanger and it seems there is nothing I can do. Any help would be so greatly appreciated—-preferably very specific/detailed


They make decaf now. Settle down. I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re using a production bib. If this is not the case, let us know.

This is gonna take a few posts back and forth, so bear with it. It will pay off. First, I gotta know. What kind of wrap is your final wrap, and how long is it? What is your wrapped girth? What do the hex nut settings look like on the hanger?

I seem a little frantic? yea, probably. its just so fuckin frusturating. OK details. currently i’m using a bib starter and only a 20 x 1.75 peice of therma wrap. i used smaller sizes as well. also I tried 15 x 1.5 sweat shirt w/ starter, and also i tried that w/ a 8 x 4 peice of therma wrap at the outer layer for grip. Now my bib is set w/ the hex’s showing about 1/4 inches of threads. I’ve tried all the way from about 1/2 inch to no thread at all on hex’s. also i am currently at 6.5 BPEL and 5.25 EG. I do not know how to wrap over the head—-a different style that has apparently helped some people. and as far as the purple head, it’s every time i take the hanger off.


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Right now, it appears that you are working with too many variables. You need to do a little more reading, especially the product guide again, and what has worked for others, then start developing your own regimen.

>My main problems are: TWISTING, slipping, discoloration.<

First, work on the discoloration problem. Purple is not too bad in the PE color chart. Blue or white should be avoided. However, usually poor circulation is because of wrap that is too tight. The wrap should be loose enough so that when the hanger pressure is applied, the wrap is still loose.

Slipping is rather easy. It means that the hanger is not tight enough. This of course, is also a function of the adjustments, and where the top teeth end up. Try to have the top gap smaller than the bottom gap. This should also help with twisting.

Twisting can be a bugger, but usually it is not too bad. You simply have to locate the source of why it is twisting. This can be that the hanger is not tight enough, wrap is too tight causing a twist in the direction of the wrap, the shaft is not low enough in the shaft well, or the bottom adjustments are not wide enough.

You need to do some thourough experimentation. Start with the wrapping thread at the top of this section. Try to get that about right, then get the adjustments about right. Then, begin making small changes to see how your unit reacts. But only change one thing at a time. You will notice that changing one variable will affect other variables. That is why you should always only change one thing at a time.

It might take a while to get it right, but once you understand how everything works, it will seem simple and easy.


Well I did some experimenting, and I have stopped my penis from shifting/twisting internally inside the hanger. I found that when I was putting the hanger 1 inch from the head, tightening, and then pulling (by weight or just tugging) that one sided of my penis—-primarily my head, would get sucked further into the hanger while the other side would remain in place, this cause my penis to twist in the hanger.

I solved this by positisoning the head anchors right where the head starts. NO MORE INTERNAL TWISTING

However, THE WHOLE UNIT STILL TWISTS—-like before, if I do not constantly re straighten it. This is driving me crazy. Is it because I am hanging over a chair? (not BTC). Or could it be that I use 2, 2.5lb *plate* weights that hang from a string that hang from the S-hook? Doesn’t everyone use plate weights tied w/ string? I’m close to saying screw it and letting my unit twist 90 degrees.

FYI. I am wrapping w/ 1.5x15 sweatshirt material only—-(its most comfortable) and hanging 5 lbs.

I had a case of the twists in the beginning. Wrapping over the head solved it. I don’t know what changed (maybe a slight girth gain helped), but I got to a point where it is no longer necessary. I still twist when I try hanging with no wrap.

To wrap over the head, grasp the head with thumb and forefinger and stretch out your penis. Begin the wrap as close to your fingers as possible, over them a bit if needed. Wrap will cover half or the bottom third of the head. Leave at least the tip exposed so you can test temperature and sensation when hanging. Spiral down as usual. That’s about the best I can explain it. Don’t wrap too tight.

Another thing, regardless of how you wrap, be sure you aren’t the least bit erect when attaching and tightening the hanger. Slightly engorged, as in a “good flaccid day,” is helpful, as it seems to add some “meat” for the hanger to grasp. A couple minutes of easy jelqing can help create this state. Or you can wrap, allow some pressure to build ahead of the wrap, then slide it forward to relieve the pressure. This helps leave the right amount of blood in place. I still have problems with the hanger getting a good hold if my dick is puckered and withered with hardly any blood in it - its condition on a “bad flaccid day.”

Make sure your penis stays straight while you tighten. If you’re like me you can feel the CC’s thump over each other if you twist the head each way in a very loosely applied hanger. I think I referred to keeping it straight before as trying to balance two spaghetti noodles side by side. That is, indeed, a bitch. It is easier if you are 100% flaccid because then they are flat, more like fettuccini. :) Keep them aligned while tightening in stages.

Stick with this and you’ll get the hang of it. I too was frustrated at first.

Now that I re-read your last post, I realize you’ve solved the twisting problem within the hanger. Oh well, maybe that will help the next twister.

You wrote:
>I solved this by positisoning the head anchors right where the head starts. NO MORE INTERNAL TWISTING<

It’s ok if the hanger ends up there after applying the weight, but try to attach a little farther back. You’ll get by with what you are doing for light weights, but as you move up you’ll need the hanger to ride on the “bunch” of tissue that you only get by attaching where it can move forward a little when the weight is applied.

As for the whole thing turning, if the strings on your plates decide to twist, that can cause part of it. I first tie a loop, then stick one end of it through the hole in the plate, and thread the other end through the end I just stuck through the hole. This seems to help keep the plates aligned better than threading a string through and tying it off.

I don’t worry about a little turning one way or another. If too severe, you could position something behind the hanger to rest the bottom skids on, such as a board, a box, whatever. It doesn’t take much to keep it from turning.

Hey Hobby, thanks for the advice. As far as the plates go, they are pretty much flush w/ eachother. I wish I could just figure out what is causing this damn turning. I mean, we are talking 90 degree turns. It can turn real fast, or very gradual, to either side. Sometimes on side seems to be prevalent in one, set. And then it can be opposite the next. But that is a general rule. I’m always trying to counter balance by slightly holding the unit a bit away from the twist and very carefully letting go but that still doesnt work. It always winds up at 90 degrees left or right. I just don’t understand it! I hate having to constantly hold it, I like multi tasking and having both hands free. If it comes down to it, like u say, I might have to rig something up to hold the unit, maybe attach something on my chair. All I know is this is driving me crazy!

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