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Hello my hanging brothers......


Hey Tug! Just getting to the end of my 3rd week now using the bib. I understand what the posts are saying about starting with light weights, limited sets and work up to higher weights slowly.

I realize now that hanging is cumulative. It catches up with you over a period of time. Last Friday after 6 days straight hanging my ligs were maxed out and couldn’t hang another minute so I put the bib away for the weekend. My body was telling me that any more hanging would lead to injury.

Of course, I probably should not have hung 6 days straight with 7.5 pounds but I had to find out where my body’s limits were.

Today, (Monday) I’ll start up hanging again with 7.5 lbs for three 20 minute sets, see how my dick responds and pay better attention.

Fire shall reign from above as shards of heated shrapnel hurl savage kisses to mortal flesh and shattered bone below.

For days, the dead hung in the air as dust.


Yeah I measure bone pressed, I’m going for 9BP so I have at least 8 usable and I think if I get 9 and I somehow stop pe for a while and I lose some size I will always be at least 8.

I also do very little girth exercises while I’m in a hanging mode. I wasn’t doing any but I started working a little into my workout a couple nights a week because I felt like I lost a little girth. I have a theory that you will lose some girth from hanging everywhere but on the base. I think while we hang we grow new dick but we also stretch what we have. But I also think that you can gain length faster when doing no girth exercises.

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