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Heavy Weights

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Heavy Weights

Anyone have experience with heavy weights? I just started hanging again. I have deceided to do something a little different. I am hanging 45lb for about 20 minutes - 1 hour in total per day (10minutes here…5minutes there…another 20 minutes later one…all throughout the day. Followed by manual stretching for 5-10 minutes.

I figured I would take a new approach, also due to the fact I do not have time to hang for 1 - 4 hours a day anymore. I get a much better burn.

We have talked here in the past about the benefits of spreading sets throughout the day…I up’ed it by adding heavy weights and some manual stretches. I’ll let you know my progress.

Please, any input from people using something similiar let me know.

el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide

How long have you been hanging? Hanging 45lbs is a little extreame. I read Bib max was 45lbs.

I would like to see a poll done which asks whether the “hangers” have gained and which method (enumerated below) have they used to get their gains:

1) Gained: Used a graduated system of weights/durations from low to high, adding weights every week or less.

2) Not gained: Same method as above.

3) Gained: Used a graduated system of weights increasing the weight/duration from low to high every 8 days or more.

4) See above with no gains.

5) Gained: Used a “shock” system, using high weights after a conditioning period with low weights.

6) See above with no gains.

7) Gained: Haphazard application of weights and durations.

8) See above with no gains.

I don’t want to put too much time into hanging if I’m just going to be toughening up my ligaments by slowly increasing the weight/duration of my hanging.

Can anyone help in this regard?



I voted give it a try. If you’re doing any damage, and getting no pain, I’d always go with more weight.

The weight I use is always limited to what my shaft skin can take.

If I may ask Talian: How often to you experience lig pops. They’re always frightening at first till I realize it’s a pop. I can hang 35 cold with nothing but a wrap and Tom Hubbards style hanger. The 45 I may try. Do you swing while standing with the weight barely an inch off the floor?


Sorry I have not been around. 45lb does sound extreme to the people that only lift 15lb. It’s nothing to brag about, you’re not cooler if you do lol. I have hung up to 60lb, when I do that, I only lift the weights 1/2 an inch off the ground, god forbid it were to pull my junk out or snap something, I do not want it to have a 1ft “bungee zone”. Yes, I do swing, a great stretch I get from swinging is this:

Stand on one leg and lean to your side as if you are doing a karate kick, that allows the weights to hang on only one of your “ligs? instead of distributing the weight on both, so in actuality you are doubling your weight by doing that and isolating the “ligs?”. It DEFINITELY works. I will do a 10 minute set with my one leg in the air and when I hang straight down I can feel a pull on the opposite side that was not isolated, which means the other one has been stretch temporarily.

I experience lig pops almost everytime I lift the 45lb.

I have contacted my friend picasso, lets just thank him real quick for lending a hand. He drew up a little photo to give you a visual.

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el: 6.5in Long / 5in Wide bpel: 7.5in long Goal: 10in Long / 6in Wide


Check out this excellent thread started by Hobby. The wisdom of many here, as this research data appears to confirm, is that less force for longer time is the best way to achieve “plastic deformation”—i.e. length increase.

But hey, PE is far from being a science at present. So we each have to experiment and see what works for us. If you don’t have the time for long-duration hanging, then stick with what you are doing and see how it goes. Please keep us all posted. Just make sure you don’t injure yourself.

Also, it would be great if you could at least wear an ADS for parts of the day, when you are not hanging.

I voted “Worth a try”. However, I tried a 3-4 week shock routine and all I got was shrinkage/retraction.
Are you not gaining with the above referenced routine? Do you ever experience any retraction?


Originally Posted by sheLovesIt
I voted “Worth a try”. However, I tried a 3-4 week shock routine and all I got was shrinkage/retraction.
Are you not gaining with the above referenced routine? Do you ever experience any retraction?


Yeah I’ve tried heavier hanging and got the same results, Penile rebellion.
Although it looks good on paper I think it sets the average guy back. I think there must a retractive response to the extreme stress that causes a natural pull back of elasticity of crimps in the ligs. The crimps in the ligs are the mechanism built into the ligament that allows for high heat conditions for the penis to relax and stretch out, as well as the opposite that causes shortening when temperatures are cold. When those crimps are exposed to high stress they really go into high gear and pull everything in tight while healing takes place. Although that may seem like what we’re after it is the negative side of what the vast majority here have experienced and that is: stretch out the ligs with hanging and follow that with an ADS to keep the crimps extended during the healing cycle. That is if you choose to allow a full healing cycle to take place between hanging sessions.

I think your experiment will give us a perspective on what we do here. It may work fine for you. I’d like to see you report back here every month or so with results so they are compiled in one spot for everyone to see.

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

I no longer think of my ligs as my limiting factor except as ModestoMan has mentioned how the suspensory ligament fuses all along the dorsal side of the tunica. My upward curve supports this notion. I have palpitated my erection and I do not have much inner penis and the 30% that is there does not wrap up along my pubic bone before exiting my body. Therefore I conclude that my limiting factor is my tunica.

When I hang heavy my tunica responds by thickening (inflamation) which results in shrinkage/retraction. I have religiously worn my ADS during this phase and the results FOR ME are that my tunica heals stronger but not longer. I have tried moderately heavy, then very heavy, then relatively light, and I simply cannot gain at this point. I wear my ADS for flaccid gains and possibly remodeling gains. Add to that the psychological factor of feeling that I am still PE-ing.

At this point I have the option of taking a long deconditioning break(3 months didn’t help much last time) or developing a clamping routine. I am leaning toward clamping as it seems that this is a different stimulus to the tunica vs. hanging. I pump first and then clamp. While I am in the pump I can see length gains (approx 1 mm) between each set (only 3 sets so far). Maybe clamping is the next logical step. I also think that some more girth would be nice. I think that I have just convinced myself to begin clamping.

Your anatomy may respond differently but you risk getting into the overtrained state. I think the jury is out as to whether there is a return from the overtrained state. For me I believe that when I was hanging in the 14 to 18 lb range I was getting my best response. But then the “More is Better” mindset took over and gains slowed significantly. I used to hang lower after a hanging session. Not anymore. I am more of a show-er now. I interpret this as a loss of elastic(elastin) fibers and a gain of stronger(more) inelastic fibers(collagen).
The show-er feature is nice because when I walk naked in front of my wife she sometimes gasps. So flaccid gains have there own rewards.

Good luck,

What weight are you hanging? Your stats indicate that you have had a very successful PE experience.


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