Heavy Weight No Gains

My first post. I started PE about two years ago with information from another forum. It preached heavy weight to hang and weekly increments increases of 5lbs. My wrapping technique was not door but I got to hanging 37 1/2 lbs pretty quickly. The other issue was it was stated that one 20 minute session a day was enough. I never got fatigue but pain from poor wrapping drove me away.

I’m back, reading Thunders and Bibs and getting better info. I’m using what a grip as under wrap and it’s so comfortable. I’m now hanging 25 lbs for 4x20 or some times 5x20 a day. Every day. I get no fatigue!! Do I up the weight!! I don’t have time for more sets! I started at 7.5 BPEL and 5.5 EG so I’m lucky there. Thoughts?