Heavy-duty rubber bands?

I’ve done some experimenting with a version of hanging using some heavy rubber bands instead of weights - pretty decent tension available, and using a wide velcro band around the leg at various levels to secure the free end of the bands for fine-tuning tension - also, varying the number of bands used adjusts tension nicely. Many office supply - Staples for one - sell these heavy rubber bands.

I got the idea for this from a website that was selling a similar device… The heavy duty velcro is available in 2 inch widths at Walmart… It really IS possible to get a good stretch using this method… You can make the whole thing for well under $10…

One nice feature of this method, is that you can walk around freely and inconspicuously while “hooked up”. For that matter, if your method of hooking up to your penis was non-invasive enough, you MIGHT even get by with leaving it on at reduced tension while you sleep at night or extended periods while working, etc. - but with GREAT CAUTION!

Any one else tried this?


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