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Heating with a 60w bulb

Heating with a 60w bulb

After reading of the benefits of heating in hanging I said I should give it a try.
So by the last week I`m using heat in my hanging routine. I warm up with a hot shower or a rice sock and during my 4 sets hanging I started to use heating. I don`t have a IR lamp so I improvised with a 60w regular bulb with yellow light. It goes like this when I`m warming up I start the bulb also to warm itself, so when I finish warming the bulb is pretty hot.
After I put my Vac-Hanger on and attach the weight with one hand I hold the bulb close to my penis. and by the time it got warmer I drag it closer until I reach a maximum toleration of the heat that the bulb transmit.

The penis is feeling warmer and pretty good after I remove the vac-hanger and the bulb for circulation, I will keep writing and update this thread anyway.

Also I got a question, I know it`s not a IR lamp so if anyone knows something about bad side effects of the heat of a regular bulb on the penis I would be grateful to share that info with me.



You may end up with a glow worm :)

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