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heating pad

heating pad

guys, where can i get a heating pad, obviously we are talking about some plug-in-the-wall decvice, any thoughts?


Have a look in sports equipment shops, you can usually find heat/massage devices in there.


Where are you?

I guess your ability to find a heating pad depends on where you live. I’m encouraging members to put something in the “Location” space in their profiles. A state/province or country would be nice, but even if it’s as vague as “Africa” it would at least allow others to better answer questions like this.

If you’re in the U.S., you can get heating pads at almost any drug store, Walmart/K-Mart, some sporting goods stores, etc.

I use a variation of the rice sock. A very good friend of mine (female, married, great with a sewing machine) made a warming pillow for me filled with flax seeds. It’s approximately 6” by 12” and takes about two minutes in the microwave. Works great.


I agree with westla maybe try a rick sock, either you can make one, or buy one at any rite aid, thirftys,sporting goods etc.

Same results and maybe a little more flexability.


heating pads

What about heating pads if one has not access to a microwave.

I use a heating pad on high heat covered with a moist hand towel. It works great.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

I sit on a heating pad while doing Fowfers. I just bought one at walmrt for $10.00 bucks.

thanks guys, well i am in melbourne, australia and i don’t have a microwave. I will search around for some plug in device.



I lived in Melbourne for a year……great place….loved it…

Go to any local chemist or even an army supply store…..They should have what you need.

I miss Melbourne…..

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